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Lewis Hamilton Explains Why He Broke the Internet With Latest Instagram Move

Mahim Suhalka

Lewis Hamilton Explains Why He Broke the Internet With Latest Instagram Move

About a week ago, Lewis Hamilton created another Instagram account. No name, no face, just a five-photo dump from Tokyo appeared on the page. However, Hamilton’s like on the post and Roscoe’s name in the followers’s list were enough to prove the page’s authenticity. Essentially, the Brit created a Finsta [Fake Instagram] under the alias username “indegoblack”. After much debate on the motivation behind the page, Hamilton has finally broken his silence.

The page instantly garnered attention from the LH army as fans started flocking to the page in numbers. Standing at 105K followers, the page still has just one post and follows zero accounts.

During his appearance at the 2024 GQ Global Creativity Awards, Hamilton was quizzed about his Finsta. As quoted by user Deni on Twitter (now X), he explained, “I think it’s really just tapping into, again, why we here – just a bit of the creative part of my life that I don’t really get to share too much of on my main socials. It’s sneak peek into a different realm in my life.”

As predicted, Hamilton wanted to display his creative side and not keep it locked up. He also did not want to disturb his main social media accounts and maintain their professionalism.

The fans appreciate any and every way Hamilton decides to interact with them. If the Brit wants to be an Instagram influencer, no one can stop him. In fact, he already is one and receiving awards for it.

Lewis Hamilton picks up the 2024 GQ Global Creativity Award

Lewis Hamilton made a red-carpet appearance in New York for the 2024 GQ Global Creativity Awards. The Brit was invited as he was among the chosen few being awarded. As GQ describes it, it’s to celebrate the dynamism of figures like Hamilton. “The winningest F1 driver of all time who transcends the sport to make music, films, and now fashion.”

However, the magazine forgot to add humility to the list, as the Brit showcased it in his statement at the Gala. “Seeing these other amazing artists and innovators, it’s just very inspirational,” said Hamilton. “There are so many great journeys and stories that you’re telling, so I feel very privileged to be among them.” 

The humble outlook from one of the greatest F1 champions is truly admirable. He often uses the massive platforms available and his image to promote and make efforts towards diversity and empowerment. Not just in the world of F1 and with Mission 44, but also in fashion by collaborating with artists from all backgrounds.

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Mahim Suhalka

Mahim Suhalka

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