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Lewis Hamilton Movie Update: Release Date and Streaming Details

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Lewis Hamilton Movie Update: Release Date and Streaming Details

Away from his move to Ferrari, the biggest talking point around Lewis Hamilton has been his upcoming movie in association with Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt. While details have been sparse about the movie, a major detail is now out in the open. Per an update from, the unnamed movie is set to hit the theatres in June 2025. 

Releasing in IMAX theatres, the film will debut on the 27th of June, 2025. Following a two-week run in the theatres, the Brad Pitt-starrer will be available on Apple TV+ to stream online.

Lewis Hamilton would particularly be pleased with the announcement, given the SAG-AFTRA Strike of 2023 pushed the release of the movie back. Notable actors and writers were a part of the movement that lasted till November 2023, including Pitt.

Several significant locations will feature throughout the film, with much of the shooting occurring during actual races. 24 Hours of Daytona was also a part of the same process. Moreover, F1 races at Silverstone, Hungary, and Spa are a part of the movie’s ‘large scale’ production. Meanwhile, several other races, such as Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, will also play their part. 

Brad Pitt will portray the title character of the film, Sonny Hayes. Damson Idris will be responsible for playing the role of Hayes’ mentee, Joshua Pierce. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ fame Director Joseph Kosinski is in charge of directing the film.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is serving as the Executive Producer of the film, meaning he will have to foot part of the bill. And reports suggest it will be a huge bill.

Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt’s F1 movie has a sky-high budget

The much anticipated racing-based movie may not have a name but it now has a release date to pique fans’ interest. To further the intrigue around the movie, Marca reports that the movie now holds a place among some of the most expensive films in history, with a budget of over $300 million. 

Despite several setbacks, Lewis Hamilton, in association with Brad Pitt’s production house and fellow producer Jerry Bruckheimer, wants to deliver a surreal cinematic experience. As such, a staggering budget will go a long way in helping the team deliver on its promise.

The unnamed movie sees a retired F1 driver (Pitt) return to the series to help a struggling team called APXGP. He takes on the role of the secondary driver in the team, mentoring a young phenom by the name of Joshua Pierce.

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