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Lewis Hamilton ‘Not Quite Sure How To Navigate’ Pulling The Final Plug On Mercedes Relationship

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Lewis Hamilton 'Not Quite Sure How To Navigate' Pulling The Final Plug On Mercedes Relationship

With three races of the 2024 season over, Lewis Hamilton is inching closer towards the end of his Mercedes stint. Set to join Ferrari in 2025, Hamilton must also focus on transitioning to the Italian outfit. However, it won’t be an easy task, given the position Hamilton currently finds himself in. The 7x world champion is currently scratching his head, trying to come up with a way to initiate a difficult conversation with Toto Wolff.


It is no surprise that Hamilton will soon need to spend some time at the Ferrari headquarters. Eventually, he needs to visit the team to undergo processes such as seat fitting. For that, he will need to speak to Wolff. As reported by, Hamilton conceded he had no clue about how to initiate this particular conversation.

“I’ve never been in this position at this time of the year. When I was leaving McLaren, it was towards the end of the season. I had my first seat fit [at Mercedes] after the season was done. I’m not quite sure how to navigate it, but right now, I want to finish on a high here, so all my energy is going into this. Of course, there’s excitement for the future.”

Hamilton‘s impending move to Ferrari doesn’t mean he has stopped working hard for Mercedes. As long as the 39-year-old dons the colors of the Silver Arrows, he remains committed to doing his best for them. Despite a poor start to 2024, Hamilton remains hopeful that his team will improve. There have been glimpses of improvement from the team, and Hamilton continues to make the most of what he has to work with.

Toto Wolff has no hard feelings against Lewis Hamilton

Wolff and Hamilton met for coffee before the 2024 season, where the latter had something important to say. Hamilton told Wolff that he had decided to join Ferrari in 2025, surprising the Mercedes boss. However, the team principal kept his calm and had a chat with the driver for an hour.

He told F1 media that rather than trying to talk Hamilton out of the move, he was pragmatic with his approach. He started thinking about future communications and the logistics. His primary concern was how to manage the team, knowing Hamilton would leave at the end of 2024.

As for his relationship with Hamilton, Wolff claimed he held no grudge against his friend. Having built a solid friendship over the last 11 years, Wolff understands Hamilton must’ve faced a tough time with the decision. “And therefore, I will always respect the difficulty of the situation that he faced. And in the future, we will discuss whether this could have been done in a different way or not. But I hold no grudge.” Despite their professional journey ending soon, Wolff looks forward to continuing his personal journey with Hamilton.

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