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Lewis Hamilton Still Doing Things He “Shouldn’t Be Doing” At Mercedes

Mahim Suhalka

Lewis Hamilton Still Doing Things He "Shouldn't Be Doing" At Mercedes

Last year, one of the constant and biggest complaints Lewis Hamilton had with Mercedes, apart from the car, was their ignorance. Even after the zero pod concept termination, the Brit’s complaints fell on deaf ears regarding further improvements. He publicly criticized the team for their nonchalance toward his feedback. However, perhaps a little too late now, Hamilton is once again knee-deep in developmental discussions.

Despite preparing to leave the Brackley outfit for Ferrari, he admitted he’s taking part in brainstorming sessions for the 2025 challenger. Hamilton admitted he’s participating even though he shouldn’t be.

As seen on X posted by user @fiagirly, he said, “Nothing’s changed. We’re still having our big meetings back at the factory. I’m still fully enjoying working with everyone and having the discussions. I’m here trying to help this team progress this year and also into next year.”

“The things that I am working on, I’m like, ‘these are the things you’ve got to probably have for next year.’ Maybe I shouldn’t be doing that, but I want the team to excel and succeed regardless of whether I am here or not.”

Despite switching loyalties, Mercedes still holds a soft spot in Hamilton‘s heart. The team is currently trying to get back to winning ways and in a position to challenge for the championship. It is understandable why they’re taking all the help they can get. Additionally, feedback from the record race winner and someone with the Brit’s experience is invaluable, even the Brackley outfit took it for granted earlier.

So, as Hamilton prepares to leave the team at the end of the current campaign, the Brit wants to help them as much as he can. He has also claimed multiple times Mercedes will win a championship again, sooner or later.

Holding such high regard, it’s no surprise he’s giving them his all until the very end. Although, the Brackley outfit is still putting safety measures in place.

Mercedes hiding their trade secrets from Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton might be transparent and fully committed to the team but the Silver Arrows aren’t getting carried away. With the Brit bound to leave for the Maranello outfit, reports suggest he will be slowly cut off from all important meetings. Former F1 driver David Coulthard gave his insight into why that would be the case.

INews quoted Coulthard explaining why the seven-time champion will be left out of the 2025 challenger discussions. He said, “A cockpit can’t be designed by a design engineer who’s never driven a Grand Prix car, it needs to be in consultation with the driver. Lewis won’t be part of that, or of anything which is a new technology that he may be able to then reach out to Ferrari.”

Mercedes can’t be blamed for protecting themselves from the rivals. Although, despite the necessary evil, the 39-year-old has admitted there will be no love lost. Hamilton has highlighted his wish to end his stint at Brackley on a high. Thus, he would expect to get a few notable results before bidding farewell.

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