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“Loaned Max Verstappen Out to Red Bull”: Secret Behind Imola GP Balancing Act Revealed

Somin Bhattacharjee

"Loaned Max Verstappen Out to Red Bull": Secret Behind Imola GP Balancing Act Revealed

Max Verstappen does what he wants. He made that clear when he announced his participation in the virtual 24 Hours Nurburgring, which coincided with the Emilia-Romagna GP weekend. Ahead of starting the race in Imola on pole, Verstappen took the wheels of his virtual car for Team Redline, where Luke Crane made a bizarre claim.

Crane, a commentator for the event, stated:

“We loaned Max [Verstappen] out to Red Bull, to race in Imola this weekend. We’re allowing him to race in Imola. He wants to express his hobby but this is serious stuff.”

Crane’s comments may have come as a joke, but just earlier this month, Verstappen revealed that he didn’t need Red Bull’s permission to compete in another race on the same weekend as an F1 Grand Prix.

As reported by multiple sources including Yahoo Sports, Verstappen insisted that he didn’t need the Milton-Keynes-based outfit’s permission. “In the end, I decide what I do,” he said.

“It’s my free time and I am professional enough to see for myself what can and cannot be done.”

At the same time, Verstappen also acknowledged the fact that he will prepare for his F1 race as usual.

Max Verstappen not losing sight of what is also important

Verstappen takes sim-racing seriously, which is why he is competing in a virtual endurance event the night before the Emilia-Romagna GP. This isn’t something new, as the 26-year-old did the same thing before this year’s Saudi Arabian GP, which he won.

Verstappen revealed that he will do two stints “between two to four hours” and give his best for Team Redline in the event. He then added that he will make sure he sleeps on time so that he is well-rested for the Grand Prix, where he will start from the pole position.

Verstappen may not be as dominant in Imola as he has been in most races in the past. In fact, Red Bull’s firm hold as F1’s top team has somewhat dwindled over the last few races, which means that Verstappen has to put in his best performance in order to get his fifth win of the 2024 season.

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