Max Verstappen, Not Lewis Hamilton, Will Break Michael Schumacher’s 7 Titles Record Says Former Teammate

Tejas Venkatesh
|Published 19/03/2023

Max Verstappen is currently enjoying an electrifying form amidst the new season. The Dutchman has claimed 2 consecutive Championships in 2021 and 2022 and is looking likely to add another crown to his name this year.

Verstappen is presently the brightest talent in the sport and the best in the current grid. The 25-year-old has 6 years left in his Red Bull contract, which expires after the 2028 season.

Therefore it is really possible that the 25-year-old can beat Michael Schumacher’s longstanding record of 7 Championships. Currently, Hamilton is tied alongside the German with the same number of titles.


According to Michael Schumacher’s former Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa, Verstappen will most likely beat the German’s tally. He even ruled out Hamilton from achieving the record.

Lewis Hamilton cannot win the 8th title with Mercedes, says Massa

Massa has fond memories of Michael Schumacher and credits him as an icon of the sport. But even the Brazilian believes Max Verstappen can topple his record of seven Championships.

The former Brazilian race driver doesn’t believe Hamilton has a chance of breaking the record even though he currently holds seven titles and the record for most wins, podiums and pole positions in the sport.

Massa clarified, “Lewis Hamilton also has seven titles. But I don’t think he can win an eighth, at least not with the Mercedes W14 this season. It is too bad for Lewis a realistic chance.”


Massa claims the Briton is way past his prime after suffering a winless campaign in 2022. And Mercedes are far off the pace of Red Bull. If Hamilton has to catch up with the Dutchman, he needs to cover 0.6-0,8 seconds every lap in the coming races.

But Massa is wary of writing the Mercedes driver off. He calls his 2008 title rival “one the best driver who has ever driven in Formula 1 alongside Michael and Ayrton Senna.”

Massa added, “Lewis can become world champion again. But he needs a competitive car to do that. And currently, he doesn’t have that.” Which gives an advantage to Red Bull.

Verstappen can secure a hattrick of titles, says Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa claims there is no stopping Max Verstappen from securing the 2023 title. And the sport’s defending champion could easily extend his winning run for a couple more seasons.

The Brazilian said, “He became a World champion in the past two years. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t get the hat trick and more. Maybe Max can also win five or six titles in a row.”

The Brazilian said the 25-year-old has matured after his past two triumphs. He is currently under no pressure and has the experience of winning, which no other driver challenging him has at the moment.


Along with that, he has the advantage of driving the best car on the grid. He is Red Bull’s no.1 driver and will be in the team until 2028. This resembles how Michael Schumacher won 5 titles with Ferrari between 200-04, who had the best on the grid then.

Massa asserted, “Max doesn’t make any mistakes, Red Bull works perfectly, and the engine is strong. That’s how it was with Michael with Ferrari.”

In the history of Formula One, only three drivers have won three championships. Namely, Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Only time will tell if the newly crowned 2-time Champion joins the list.

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