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Max Verstappen Reveals How Girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s Family Is a Bad Influence on Him

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Max Verstappen Reveals How Girlfriend Kelly Piquet's Family Is a Bad Influence on Him

Max Verstappen has been in a relationship with Kelly Piquet since 2020, and the Dutchman has become a crucial member of his partner’s family. He spends a lot of his vacation time with them, but recently detailed how they have been a bad influence on him.

As part of the Piquet family’s holiday traditions, the members get together to celebrate Christmas in Brazil. It is a must, and Verstappen being Kelly Piquet’s partner, never misses the occasion. Everyone who visits speaks Portuguese since they hail from Brazil, and Verstappen too wanted to learn the language. Piquet’s family obliged.

However the first things they taught Verstappen were the curse words. Per Verstappen, what he learned was to obscene to repeat on camera.

“They (Piquet’s family) influence me with a lot of bad words which I cannot say on the video call. So I prefer to not speak in Portuguese.”

Verstappen and Piquet’s relationship is one of the most adored in the F1 community. Their bond is close and deep, as they even stay together in Monaco, with Piquet’s daughter Penelope.

In fact, Verstappen has also developed a very strong bond with Penelope, who saw the Dutchman win a race for the first time ever in Japan two weeks ago.

Max Verstappen has banned one topic from being discussed when at home

Verstappen has always been a man of simple taste and set priorities. At home, he ensures he is available for Piquet and Penelope, both physically and mentally. As such, the 26-year-old disconnects himself completely from the world of motorsports. He turns off all news related to the same, and even stays away from social media.

Sometimes, that becomes difficult, especially because Kelly’s father is Nelson Piquet, also a three-time F1 World Champion.

Every time Verstappen visits Brazil, he speaks to Nelson Piquet and topics related to motorsports come up invariably. However, per Mirror, the Red Bull driver feels that the 71-year-old has had enough racing-related conversations.

Understanding the need for the same, Verstappen, too, stays away from F1 while at home. Instead, he follows other sports and keeps up to date with them. Following other sports allows him to balance his appetite for racing in F1.

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