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Mercedes Boss Wants to Lure Max Verstappen the Way Ferrari Poached Lewis Hamilton – “We’re Going to Do Everything”

Nischay Rathore

Mercedes Boss Wants to Lure Max Verstappen the Way Ferrari Poached Lewis Hamilton - “We’re Going to Do Everything”

Mercedes are currently in the hunt for a star driver to replace Lewis Hamilton, who will join Ferrari in 2025. Max Verstappen would be the ideal choice as he’s not only the reigning champion but he also defeated Hamilton for the title in 2021. However, the Dutchman is currently serving a long-term Red Bull contract that will conclude at the end of 2028. Despite that, Mercedes part owner James Ratcliffe is ready to do whatever it takes to lure Verstappen away from Milton Keynes.

Dutch F1 journalist Jack Plooij was recently quoted by F1 Maximaal as saying, “What is nice to share is that Max Verstappen is very seriously discussing a switch to Mercedes. It’s very serious, and that’s because of James Ratcliffe. He is behind this, and he has said: We are going to do everything we can to bring Verstappen to our team.”

The aggressive approach is eerily similar to what Ferrari did to poach Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari offered the seven-time champion everything that Mercedes could not.

Media reports suggested the emergence of differences between Hamilton and Mercedes after the latter refused to offer him an ambassadorial role. The extension that kept him at Brackley was also reportedly not as long as what Hamilton demanded.

Ferrari took note of the situation and offered the Briton a much higher pay, an ambassadorial role, and a contract of a duration of his liking. Hamilton will reportedly earn $100 million a year as a salary.

Moreover, Ferrari will invest close to $400 million in his non-profit ventures. Finally, Hamilton’s contract will see him race for the Italian team until the end of 2026.

But what is it that Mercedes can offer Max Verstappen to make him switch? The Dutchman has time and again ruled out a move away from Red Bull. Moreover, he is driving for a team with whom he has won three consecutive championships from 2021 to 2023.

Can Toto Wolff take advantage of infighting at Red Bull to poach Max Verstappen?

Toto Wolff has appeared to be extra cautious of the words he uses for Max Verstappen in the media lately. The latest came in the form of high praise where he claimed the three-time champion won’t face any resistance in winning his fourth title this season. Well aware of the tactics at play, Verstappen called the Austrian out for being too nice to him.

The Mercedes boss isn’t the only one looking to take advantage of the situation at Red Bull, though. Ferrari are reportedly in touch with Adrian Newey, the legendary Red Bull CTO responsible for their record-breaking cars.

But what drove a wedge between the Red Bull team which claims to be more united now than ever? The investigation opened against Christian Horner earlier this year laid bare the internal politics at play at Milton Keynes.

As Jos Verstappen (Max Verstappen’s father) called for Horner’s sacking, the team reportedly divided into two factions. While one is reported to have Horner and Chalerm Yoovidhya (Red Bull’s majority shareholder), the other has the Verstappens and Helmut Marko.

Things seem to have calmed down recently, though. But could it be the uneasy calm before the storm? German reporter Michael Schmidt, who visited Red Bull’s motorhome recently, claimed the factions are clearly visible.

While Helmut Marko reportedly only hangs out with his fellow Austrians at a separate table, Christian Horner is in damage control mode by forging new friendships. Adrian Newey, on the other hand, is distraught with the politics and prefers to work in isolation.

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