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Mercedes Top Engineer Quashes the Rumor of Mercedes Crew Not Being There for Lewis Hamilton’s Podium Celebration

Tanish Chachra

Mercedes Top Engineer Quashes the Rumor of Mercedes Crew Not Being There for Lewis Hamilton’s Podium Celebration

Lewis Hamilton got Mercedes its hard-earned podium in Singapore. However, soon after all the race coverage ended, social media buzzed with rumors of the Mercedes crew not joining Lewis Hamilton for his podium celebration. However, Mercedes’ top engineer, Andrew Shovlin, while speaking on Mercedes’ YouTube channel, quashes it and claims indeed the team was there for him.

This is the second time, when fans have complained about Hamilton not having his team members there to celebrate his success. After Australia, the seven-time world champion was spotted asking about his teammates, and that was the first time his fans outraged about it.

However, Shovlin comes out to clean the name of his team and settle the dust around the allegations made on Mercedes that they don’t support their legend.

Lewis Hamilton was accompanied by as many Mercedes men as possible

In the video, the last question asked was why Hamilton was accompanied by Mercedes crew member to join the celebrations. The Brit was quick to say that it was false.

“I am going to have to disagree a little bit premise of the question. Because, of course, the team was there at the podium to celebrate with Lewis. As many of them as it was practical to get to the podium were there. Because we enjoy it,” said Shovlin.

However, Shovlin reveals that a significant amount of Mercedes personnel couldn’t join as they had to stay in the garage as they had to receive George Russell’s car, which crashed in the very last lap of the race.

The fault lies in Ferrari

It was the first race of the season in which a non-Red Bull team had won the race. And considering it was won by Ferrari, there was going to be no focus on others as per Shovlin.

He claimed that people from the Silver Arrows were there to witness Hamilton celebrating his podium. However, the cameras didn’t show them because the winners were Ferrari.

Nevertheless, Hamilton received great support from his team during the race. And the quick improvisation in the virtual safety car helped them grab a podium. However, it could have been a bigger points haul had Russell didn’t crash.

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