Cover Image for Michael Schumacher almost won against a $142 Million fighter jet during a race in Italy

Michael Schumacher almost won against a $142 Million fighter jet during a race in Italy

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Tue Aug 16 2022

Seven times World Champion Michael Schumacher had raced with an Italian Airforce Eurofighter Typhoon in 3 distances back in 2003.

Michael Schumacher once went wheel to wheel with an Italian Airforce Eurofighter typhoon in his championship-winning Ferrari F2003.

The seven times world champion has done it all when it comes to racing. He has competed against the greatest drivers in the world and is in the Mount Rushmore of the greatest F1 drivers.

To mark the 100 years of the maiden Eurofighter typhoon flight, Schumacher got the honours of paying tribute in a fast and furious way.

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The Italian Baccarini Military airport witnessed something special

Michael Schumacher back in 2003 competed against the fighter jet at the Baccarini military airport in Italy. This is in Schumacher’s iconic moments as an F1 driver.

The rules of the race were simple. There were three distances in which both these machineries had to compete mainly 600, 900, and 1200 meters.

For Schumacher, he had to drive the car at the top speed to compete against the fighter jet. However, in order for the fighter jet to compete, it had to be on the runway when reaching Mach 2 speed.

Michael Schumacher had the iconic battle with the fighter jet

The modified Ferrari F2003-GA was a modified version of the racing car weighing 600kgs. In comparison, the Airforce Eurofighter Typhoon had a weight of over 21,000kg.

The seven times world champion with his weight advantage won the first battle of 600 meters. However, it was easy for the Typhoon to pick up speed in the long run.

Hence, Typhoon won the 900 and 1200 meters battle against Schumacher. This iconic battle shall not be forgotten by the Tifosi. Moreover, Schumacher had iconic battles ahead in his F1 career.

He battled with Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and David Coulthard during the final first chapter of his F1 career. Returning with Mercedes, Schumacher helped build a strong foundation for the team.

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