New technical regulations: What do we know about the new F1 2022 cars following the testing in Barcelona?

Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Published February 23, 2022

Following the new regulations, the F1 has seen the biggest revamp in its history and there’s no telling which team will come out on top.

With less than a month remaining to the start of the 2022 season, the cars are already on the tracks for the pre-season testing in Barcelona. However, there is a lot of unpredictability about which team will come out at the top following the new regulations.

For the 2022 season, FIA introduced a new set of rules to be followed by the teams. The aim was to create closer racing and to make the cars more sustainable than the previous ones.

Keeping that in mind the biggest changes have been introduced in aerodynamics. The changes have also been introduced to help in the reduction of dirty air. The dirty air occurs when the drivers race closely. Cars perform significantly verse worse when driven in dirty air.

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To overcome this, the FIA introduced new rules that bring changes to the front and rear wing as well as an overhaul to the car’s floor which improves the dynamics. Another big change is a switch from 13-inch to 18-inch wheels.

Furthermore, nine out of the 10 teams have unveiled their cars to the fans. The remaining one, Alfa Romeo, is set to do the same on 27 Feb. Therefore, they are doing the Barcelona testing with a camouflage livery.

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The cooling system of the new F1 cars

The new F1 cars are very different from each other and have therefore received a lot of praise and excitement from their fans. The regulations combined with no existing winning idea, each team has tried to do their best in presenting their drivers with the best car.

Therefore, until the teams figure out the real potential of their new powertrain, each team hopes that they have the winning car.

One of the biggest differences among the new cars is the cooling system. Teams such as Aston Martin and Ferrari have opted for gill cooling along the side of their cars. While others have created tunnels to exit out the back of the car.

Whereas McLaren has used the best of both the ideas and has created a panel that could allow the attachment of gill cooling during particularly hot races.

Another change is in the type of front suspension that the teams have used. In previous cars there used to be a rod from the bottom of the wheel hub angled upwards. However this year, McLaren and Red Bull have flipped it.

So it starts from the top of the wheel hub and connects with the rest of the car at the bottom, nearer to the ground. Time will tell which method works best.

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