“Not all the champions can say that”: Fernando Alonso on what keeps his arch-rival Lewis Hamilton above from the rest

Tanish Chachra
|Published 15/10/2022

Fernando Alonso claims that not every driver can win F1 races in both dominant and bad cars, but Lewis Hamilton can do.

In his 15-year-long career, Lewis Hamilton has gained immense success. With seven world titles and 103 Grand Prix wins, the Briton is statistically the most successful F1 driver.

Surely, Hamilton had to face immense competition. But the Mercedes star overcame his adversaries every time to be rated as one of the best F1 drivers.

From his rookie season, Hamilton made the impression that he was here to leave a legacy. And fortunately, the 37-year-old driver managed to execute his intentions.

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Fernando Alonso speaks about how great Lewis Hamilton is

Ever since they pitted against each other at Mclaren in 2007, Fernando Alonso and Hamilton haven’t been on the best terms. However, the Spaniard acknowledges the greatness of his former teammate.

While several critiques of Hamilton point out that he has been blessed with the best and fastest cars to be so successful, Alonso, his biggest adversary, argues Hamilton has won races even in bad cars. He adds that not all F1 champions can say that.

“He was able to win with a dominant car, with a good car like 2010 or 2012, or with bad cars like 2009 and 2011. Not all the champions can say that,” said Alonso to BBC.

2022 hasn’t been kind

While Hamilton holds a remarkable record of winning at least one race in every season he entered. He is yet to win a race this season with his W13.

With only four more races remaining, his chances of upholding the record are getting slimmer. But Mercedes is reportedly bringing in new upgrades for the US Grand Prix, which can boost hamilton’s chances.

Moreover, since the Mercedes legend has realized that he wouldn’t be contesting for the title this year, his aim has been around winning a race this season. He thinks that will be a pivotal moment for development and a morale booster for Mercedes to make an impactful comeback in 2023.

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