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Not Car Performance, Valtteri Bottas Has His Priorities Straight for His Future in F1

Mahim Suhalka

Not Car Performance, Valtteri Bottas Has His Priorities Straight for His Future in F1

With his contract running out at the end of the 2024 season, at the time of writing, Valtteri Bottas is without a seat for 2025. The 10-time Grand Prix winner’s prospects in his current team are also limited with Sauber opting for a different lineup. Now, with the Finnish driver looking to secure his future in the sport, he has revealed his preference.

“When you’re in a situation that you are on the free market, let’s say, you’re always looking around. Some progress is being made,” said Bottas as quoted by Motorsport Week.

However, commenting on his preference, he added, “I need a long-term project with clear goals and with respect for what I can do and deliver. That’s really the main thing. Obviously, the faster the car the better. But the main thing is to have that security for years ahead, but we can work together for the goals that we set.”

The preference is clear – longevity over performance. The 34-year-old needs a sense of security after only getting one-year extensions all throughout his Mercedes tenure. So, after his two-year Sauber stint, he’s looking for similar if not longer contracts. However, his current team has put him in this situation by opting for a different lineup before the Audi revamp.

The Hinwil-based outfit has made no secret of their desire to sign a German and a top performer. They’ve already one-half of their target with Nico Hulkenberg. Their second target is an out-of-job, Carlos Sainz. However, the Spaniard has many suitors on the grid which is why no official confirmation has been made. So, what are Bottas‘ options now?

What are Valtteri Bottas’ options for 2025?

There is no doubt in the qualities of Valtteri Bottas in a single-seater. He has been consistent for Sauber as well and made the most of the tools at hand. The team’s decision to not renew his contract is in no form reflective of his output. Even though the 34-year-old is still an attractive, experienced, and reliable driver for many teams, his options are limited.

Seeing how there is an empty seat at Mercedes, they could turn to Bottas to become a seat warmer for their Italian prodigy. However, with the former Mercedes man looking for stability, a one-year contract is not preferred.

A swap deal with Haas is also on the table. However, the American outfit is reportedly looking to retain Kevin Magnussen and replace Hulkenberg with Oliver Bearman.

There could be a return to Williams on the cards, perhaps alongside Alex Albon. It is a very viable option with Logan Sargeant yet to impress his employers in his second year with the team.

A move to Alpine is also possible if either of the current drivers doesn’t wish to renew their contract beyond 2024. There are options on hand but only time will tell if Bottas can find the right fit based on his preference.

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