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Oscar Piastri Snubs Lando Norris and Chooses Long-Term Racing Partner as His ‘Best Friend on the Grid’

Mahim Suhalka

Oscar Piastri Snubs Lando Norris and Chooses Long-Term Racing Partner as His ‘Best Friend on the Grid'

Oscar Piastri has developed a great bond with Lando Norris as a teammate at McLaren. While there are possibilities that the duo could have an intense rivalry, so far Piastri and Norris seem to getting along well. Despite that, when asked the common question “Who’s your best friend on the grid”, the Aussie chose his long-term racing compatriot – Logan Sargeant.

As seen on the latest post on Quad Lock’s official page, Piastri said, “Best friend no the grid, I would say… I mean I know Logan the best definitely. Grew up racing each other so… I would say, Logan”.


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Logan Sargeant of Williams is Piastri’s closest ally on the grid and it’s no surprise. Their junior careers have aligned despite the geographical differences. The two started their single-seater journey in the same year and the same series.

The two 23-year-olds spent 2016 racing each other in the Formula 4 UAE Championship. Then both of them moved to the British F4 championship in 2017.

The duo then joined Formula Renault Eurocup the following year in 2018. However, it was not until 2020 when their paths crossed again this time as teammates for Prema Racing in F3. In fact, their time together as teammates brought them incredibly close. However, they hardly spend time together now and the American has an answer why.

Logan Sargeant opens up about his bromance with Oscar Piastri

After spending their time together at Prema Racing, the two current F1 stars earned themselves a nickname, Loscar. To add to their bromance, despite spending a couple of years apart after 2020, the two broke into the elite F1 circle in the same year.

So, what happened to their friendship? Sargeant revealed in his interview with The Roar, that the F1 hustle took over leaving little to no time for their camaraderie.

Commenting on their bond, he revealed, “I think if anything we probably talk less. You get to the F1 paddock and you’re so busy…you don’t really have much time to talk to people. We’re here from morning to night working within the team trying to extract every hundredth and that doesn’t leave much time for friends.”

Even though these are busy days for Loscar, the two did take some time out in Bahrain to play paddle. They often run into each other and exchange necessities. However, both youngsters are now trying to make their mark in the sport and they’ve kept their friendship aside.

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