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Sebastian Vettel owes F1 $37156 in fines before retiring in 2022

Tejas Venkatesh
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Sebastian Vettel has accumulated the highest amount of fines, a whopping $37156, amongst all the 2022 F1 drivers.

Sebastian Vettel will be retiring from the sport at the end of the 2022 season. The 4-time world champion said he wants to spend more time with his family as the main reason for his retirement.

Vettel received a lot of farewells and well wishes from his colleagues in the F1 grid and the FIA. But F1 won’t be eager to bid him farewell based on the fines he owes them.

Vettel has $37150 in fines at the halfway point of the season. He has the most issues that need to be rectified before the retirement of any driver.

Vettel was fined $5172 for riding a scooter onto the Albert Park circuit. This was following the conclusion of Free Practice 1 for the Australian Grand Prix on Friday after his Aston Martin AMR-22 suffered an engine issue.


In 2022 Canadian GP he was later handed a €5172 fine for an unsafe release. And the biggest of the fines was a whopping $25862.50 suspended fine ahead of the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix drivers’ briefing.

Stewards said in a statement that the Aston Martin driver had left without permission after “expressing frustration at the meeting”. This means the German will have to pay up a hefty sum before bidding farewell to the sport.

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Sebastian Vettel and other drivers fined $134,000

Sebastian Vettel is not the only one to fork out fines. The entire amount of fines that will be collected from the 2022 grid as of the season’s halfway mark is close to $134,000 dollars.

His teammate Lance Stroll has a $6000 fine tab. And the Canadian received two fines: one for an unsafe release in Canada and one for speeding in the pit lane in Australia. That means the Aston Martin duo now owes a total of €41,800.


Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was penalised $25862.50 for impeding a car in Monaco’s Free Practice 3. Third on the list with $10965 is Red Bull’s, Sergio Perez.

At the Austrian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc were each given a $10345 suspended punishment. After it was determined that the drivers’ helpers and physios of the trio had entered the parc ferme “without permission,” the three were punished.

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