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Seeing Helmut Marko’s Success, Ferrari’s Ex-boss, Who Was in ‘Conflict’ With Michael Schumacher, Is Now at Maranello’s Doorstep

Sabyasachi Biswas

Seeing Helmut Marko's Success, Ferrari's Ex-boss, Who Was in 'Conflict' With Michael Schumacher, Is Now at Maranello's Doorstep

There’s hardly a doubt about how Dr. Helmut Marko has been an instrumental figure behind Red Bull’s success over the years. Now, seeing the Red Bull advisor helping the team with his immense wealth of experience, Ferrari is reportedly bringing back their team’s former boss who had conflicts with Michael Schumacher.

Luca di Montezemolo, the former Ferrari boss did not share a good relationship with the seven-time world champion. Due to his increasing conflicts with Schumacher, he was one of the less-liked figures on the team, both internally and by the general public.

Despite that, Di Montezemolo was a person who was credited for everything he did for the team. Currently, with the glory days of Schumacher long behind them, Ferrari wants to return to championship winning days once again. Di Montezmolo’s experience with the team, dealing with title winning ambitions and his ability to do what is right for the team, could very well help Ferrari steer in the right direction once again.

Helmut Marko and Niki Lauda’s success made Ferrari devise a plan

Helmut Marko, a veteran figure in F1 has taken Red Bull to new heights and is regarded as one of the most important figures in the team’s history. A good friend of the late Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, Marko has been in charge of the Milton-Keynes-based team for a long time.

Furthermore, there was Niki Lauda, the man who helped Mercedes find its feet in F1, and guide them to championship glory. In fact, it was Marko who brought Verstappen to Red Bull, and Lauda who convinced Hamilton to join Mercedes. Today we all know just how successful these moves turned out to be.

Witnessing Lauda and Marko’s success, Ferrari has found their own ’eminence grise’ in Luca di Montezemolo with Business F1 reporting that he is already in contact with John Elkann, the president of Ferrari. Elkann is in desperate need of a man who can emulate Marko and Lauda. It is believed di Montezemolo is already working with the Maranello team or on the verge of joining.

McLaren adopting Ferrari’s method too

The top teams have always found a way of taking expertise from people with vast experience in the sport. McLaren, a team that was once on top, has lost its way over the last few years. However, they too, are planning on making big strides in the near future.

According to Business F1, the British team appointed Gil de Ferran in the role of an advisor. De Ferran has a good relationship with McLaren and was most recently their sporting director during the 2018 season.

Apart from this, Williams also appointed Jenson Button to act as their advisor in 2021. The 2009 F1 world champion has been a great asset to the team, mentoring stars like George Russell, and now Alex Albon.

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