“Ten teams, the FIA, F1 are all on completely the same page” – Race Director Michael Masi re-confirms sprint qualifying winner will continue to be awarded the pole position at Monza

Subham Jindal
|Published 10/09/2021

“Ten teams, the FIA, F1 are all on completely the same page” – The confirmation from Michael Masi comes amidst demand for the traditional qualifying winner to be given the moniker of the pole position winner in the record books.

The sprint qualifying is back for the second time this season – and the history of Formula 1 –  at Monza this weekend. There is considerable excitement for it, after a fun debut at Silverstone earlier this season.

Sprint qualifying winner at Monza to get pole position

The only point of contention was the awarding of the ‘pole position’, with fans wanting it to go to the traditional qualifying winner on Friday.

But FIA race director Michael Masi has clarified it’ll be status quo, with the sprint qualifying winner being awarded the pole position, both for Sunday’s race, and the record books.

“We all had a very good discussion following the first event at Silverstone, the FIA, F1 and the teams, and we all agreed we would do the identical thing at Monza from a regulatory perspective.

“Yes, there will be some extra activities to F1 going on separately. But from a race perspective, we will do everything the same and then sit down following Monza and see if we need to make any further tweaks for the third event, wherever that will be.

“There’s a couple of procedural things that we would certainly look at and as we said, it is not dealing with a sample of one.

“It is ‘let’s actually do this twice and get a better understanding’ and everyone is on exactly the same page – ten teams, the FIA, F1 are all on completely the same page. But more minor things, nothing wholesale.

“The parc fermé procedures, the jobs the FIA team had were huge. Looking at all the different bits and pieces but it wouldn’t be. Nothing we have discussed is wholesale, it is finessing.”

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