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“They could get some serious injury if something bad happens”- Pierre Gasly encounters a marshal standing on track during his Qualifying run in Monaco

Somin Bhattacharjee

"They could get some serious injury if something bad happens"- Pierre Gasly encounters a marshal standing on track during his Qualifying run in Monaco

A marshal was seen standing dangerously close to the AlphaTauri of Pierre Gasly during his Qualifying run in Monaco on Saturday. 

Qualifying in Monaco is always an exciting affair. It’s fast paced, and more often than not, crashes and on-track incidents affect various stages of a session. The streets of Monaco are also very narrow, which means that the cars are dangerously close to the track all the time.

Gasly encountered a bizarre incident during his Q1 run on Saturday. A marshal on track is always seen standing right behind the barriers. However, in pictures shared on social media, fans could see a marshal seemingly standing on track next to Gasly’s AlphaTauri.

What’s even more surprising is that the Frenchman was on a flying lap when this happened. This happened at turn 10 of the Nouvelle Chicane, but thankfully nothing more happened.

It’s unclear whether the man was protected by any barrier that wasn’t caught on camera. But, fans showed their concern regarding the same, stating that he was lucky something bad didn’t happen.

Gasly was unable to set a lap during his final Q1 run, and will start Sunday’s race from P17.

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Pierre Gasly looking to avoid silly mistakes for the rest of the Monaco GP weekend

Gasly is going through a very quiet season so far. After a brilliant 2021 season which saw him fight in the upper midfield consistently, he’s finding it difficult to be regular in the points this year.

After Friday’s practice session, the 26-year old insisted that the AlphaTauri car showed plenty of positives, and all they had to do was avoid silly mistakes for the rest of the weekend.

“So far we have shown a lot of positives I would say on this Friday,” he said. “I managed to do clean laps, put things together and be competitive.

“I would still not say I am feeling 100% comfortable. Because I touched the wall a couple of times here and there trying to find the limit but overall I’m pretty pleased and we’ll try and do a step forward.”

Gasly is currently 13th in the Drivers’ Standings with six points to his name.

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