“We have a working relationship”– Mick Schumacher admits he’s more comfortable with Kevin Magnussen than Nikita Mazepin as teammate

Tanish Chachra
|Published 03/04/2022

Mick Schumacher confesses that he is more comfortable working with Kevin Magnussen than Nikita Mazepin as Haas prospers in 2022.

Kevin Magnussen made a surprising return to F1 in 2022, when Haas sacked Nikita Mazepin because of his familial ties to the Russian government amidst the invasion of Ukraine.

The Danish race driver since then has made impressive races in the first two races of the season. On the other hand, Mick Schumacher has found a solid work relationship with him.

In a recent interview, he also reveals that he is more comfortable working with Magnussen in comparison to Mazepin. In 2021, the two drivers were often in conflict with each other.

“I have to say I feel more comfortable this year in the construction of how it is and how we have a working relationship. I think it is pretty great,” he said.

“You have to recentre and realign your expectations. Last year, the expectations were to be, hopefully, in P16. This year, we can actually be in P5 if everything goes right.”

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Mick Schumacher is not in contact with Nikita Mazepin

Schumacher was further asked whether he is in contact with his former teammate Mazepin currently. The German race driver claimed that he is not.

“No, I haven’t,” Schumacher said. And he said he doesn’t think he will be contacting the Russian race driver in any foreseeable future. Thus, describing the hostility between the two drivers.

Mazepin also made a dig at Schumacher when talking about his axing from Haas. The former was disappointed with Schumacher for not standing up for him when he was allegedly got sacked ‘wrongfully’.

Haas competing for the midtable end

Three months ago, if someone had said that Haas would be finishing in points for the first two races of the season, nobody would have believed it.

But Haas has really managed to upscale its performances. After the first two rounds of the season, Haas is boasting 12 points and currently stands P5 in the table.

Now, with Ferrari’s improvement in the engine, Haas seriously looks like a contender to finish in either 4th or 5th this year. Hence, increasing the competition in already the stiff midtable battle.

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