“We’ve had a lot of fun” – Lando Norris and George Russell delighted to welcome pal Alex Albon back to Formula 1

Subham Jindal
|Published September 10, 2021

“We’ve had a lot of fun” – Lando Norris and George Russell will welcome back their buddy Alex Albon to F1 next season, this time as a Williams driver.

Lando Norris is delighted Alex Albon is making a comeback to the sport next season, this time with Williams. Norris and Albon go a long way, having grown up racing together at various levels. He is confident Albon will impress one and all after being dropped by Red Bull last season.

“I mean, obviously it doesn’t change much for me, but I like Alex – he’s one of my good mates. I respect him a lot and think he’s a very good driver.

So, just for him to get that second opportunity in Formula 1 is, I think, a good thing. I hope he can do well and show everyone what he’s got.

“Just between us three [Norris, Albon and Russell], we’ve done a lot of interviews together and videos and things, and we’ve had a lot of fun.

We’ve kind of grown up together in a way, so it’s just nice because they’re people I know, and I respect them a lot. It’s cool to have him back.”

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George Russell gives thumbs up to Alex Albon x Williams

George Russell is part of the trio, and it is him who is vacating the seat to be filled up by Albon. And like Norris, he is absolutely certain the Thai driver will prove his credentials, something he has struggled to do so in the category so far.

“Alex is a fantastic driver. He had a tough time at Red Bull. But I think he’s going to come back even stronger.

“He’s always been there in everything he’s ever done. I’m sure the environment at Williams is going to suit him down to a tee and he’s going to perform really well. I truly believe he deserves a chance on this grid.

“I really think he’s one of the best drivers, even though he had a really tough time at Red Bull and I think Williams is absolutely the right place for him to go and develop.

“I’ve been there for the past three years, I know how the team are, know how Jost [Capito, Williams CEO] operates, and I know Alex really well. I’m sure they’ll be a successful combination.”

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