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With Carlos Sainz Playing Hard to Get, Williams Team Principal Draws a Line

Mahim Suhalka

With Carlos Sainz Playing Hard to Get, Williams Team Principal Draws a Line

Despite being one of the most sought-after drivers on the grid, Carlos Sainz is still without a seat for 2025. Multiple teams, including Williams, have been after him, but this delay in decision-making is hurting the Spaniard. James Vowles, team principal of Williams, has now outlined what he expects from his future driver.

Williams has been in the running to sign Sainz for over a month now and was the likeliest destination for the current Ferrari driver. Vowles, however, wants him to join only if he is committed.

“What I want is a driver that also wants to be a part of our journey,” he said in an interview with TalkSport. That wants to really understand what Williams is about. Both the old and the new. Wants that to be at the heart of what they’re doing driving-wise. Sometimes that doesn’t match up. Sometimes it does, but that’s really important to me.”

Vowles also spoke about how he doesn’t want his future driver to use Williams as a stepping stone, just because they are backmarkers. He wants to make the team a winning outfit once again, and for that, he wants long-term security from the drivers’ end.

James Vowles has high expectations for future Williams driver

After being a backmarker for almost a decade, Williams wants to return to the front again. This requires high standards within the workings of a team, and the Grove-based outfit is preparing for the same. Drivers, in particular, cannot see the team as a filler in their career; even those within their ranks.

Vowles revealed, “I’m honest about everything. I’m honest. First and foremost, our academy drivers have to be championship winners multiple times over. Simple as that. There’s no moving away from that requirement. This isn’t about being close. This is about you setting a benchmark within your world and your field.”

Williams already has one star driver in Alex Albon locked in for 2025 and beyond, but Logan Sargeant isn’t making the cut for Vowles and Co. The boss made it public, that Sainz is his biggest priority, but if the Madrid-born driver is truly hesitant, Vowles may look elsewhere.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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