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Faker Salary 2022: How much does the world’s best League of Legends player earn in T1? Faker Net Worth 2022

Aaryanshi Mohan

Faker salary 2022

Faker has been one of the most consistent and prominent LoL Esports athletes in the world currently. He has been on top of his game for a long while now. Faker, real name Lee Sang-hyeok, is a three-time Worlds championship winner and is aiming to win his fourth before he retires. But have you ever wondered what Faker’s net worth in 2022 is? What is Faker’s salary in 2022? What is the number that T1 has put on his skill?

Faker is arguably the world’s best League of Legends player and with a lot of achievements under his belt, he has been able to make a name for himself. Faker’s records also speak for the skills he carries.

He was the first player to reach over 1000 and then 2000 kills in the League Championships Korea. He is also a nine-time champion of the League Championships Korea, a two-time MSI Champion, and has multiple other titles and championships under his belt.

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Faker Salary 2022

Esports star Faker is currently signed with T1 in a running 3-year contract that was signed in 2018. Faker is the best League of Legends player, and with that comes a hefty monetary compensation. His salary is fairly large and over the years he has been able to accumulate over $1.9 million.

As per Statista, League of Legends is one of the richest esports of 2022, based on overall earnings. Having said that, Lee Sang-Hyeok, aka Faker, earned over 1.3 million U.S. dollars as of February 2022, and that number has only increased as the year progresses.

What is Faker’s net worth in 2022? Sponsorships, endorsements, YouTube and Twitch Earnings

Being an esports athlete, Faker’s net worth comprises Sponsorships, Endorsements, and YouTube and Twitch Earnings. According to estimates made by Foreign Policy, Faker’s Net Worth in 2022 is estimated to be somewhere around $4 million. Most of the money has come from the salary he receives from T1 and the loyalty he has had with the team over the years.

Besides that, Faker also has a YouTube channel and a Twitch channel where he streams and earns a part of his net worth. The Esports athlete is also backed by a lot of big sponsors that have had his back for a long while. These sponsors are:

  • Red Bull
  • Nike
  • Razer

In 2020, he became a part owner of T1 Entertainment and Sports, which means he also gets a part of the team sponsorship, as well.

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