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Faker Military Service 2022: When will the LoL star actually go for mandatory Korean military service?

Aaryanshi Mohan

Faker Military Service 2022

For the last few years, Faker has been one of the most prominent League of Legends players. He plays for T1 and hails from South Korea. As a mandatory rule, all adult men must serve in the military for a few years.

By law, an adult man has to enroll in military service before he turns 29 years old. Many have been wondering when Faker will have to retire from his glorious LoL career and move to fulfill his duties towards his nation.

For now, he is gearing up to be a part of the LoL Worlds Final 2022 and is aiming to get his fourth title win. Faker has been able to delay his military service for a while now, but he will soon turn 28, forcing him to enlist.

While the service might be inevitable for most people, there are a few instances where the person can be exempted from taking up military service.

Some of these are “outstanding athletes” that have been able to “enhance the national prestige.” The 2022 Asian Games gold medal would have been one of the ways by which Faker could avoid military service but that has been postponed to next year.

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Will Faker have to take up military service in 2022?

As a norm, every male high school graduate must take up military service in South Korea. Since Faker dropped out of high school, he was given some kind of exemption from the service. But, for now, he is not completely free of his obligation. He will also have to undertake some kind of public or community service later on.

The whole debate started when the Korean government eased the regulation on Korean stars by making the military joining age 30. However, Esports athletes were not a part of the list.

As far as his high school friend Deft, and current competitor at the Worlds 2022 are concerned, he also dropped out of high school. However, the only difference between the two is that Deft has a few certifications that are equivalent to a high school graduate. This means that he will have to serve in the military. However, both players still have a year to play before they get enlisted.

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