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Fantasy Premier League tips: 3 Man Utd players you must have in your Fantasy XI

Archie Blade

Fantasy Premier League tips: 3 Manchester United players you must have in your Fantasy XI in the upcoming season of Premier League football.

The Premier League is back. And with it, it has bought along, the Fantasy Premier League as well. With the PL kicking off on August 9th, fans are rushing to make a team of their own. One they believe will help them gather the most points in the league.

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While you can choose from a variety of players to build your squad with, you will be handed £100 million. Meaning you can’t just go around picking up the hottest of players. One has to be smart with their cash and make sure you get the star players first before looking at fringe players who may come cheap. If you’re a Manchester United fan, here are three players you must absolutely get in your squad.

David De Gea

(Photo by David Lidstrom/Getty Images)

The Spanish keeper in Manchester United’s first choice. It is certain he will play every game unless he is injured or suspended. De Gea had a forgettable season last campaign, but with United bolstering their defence and De Gea’s own performance in the pre-season, it is wise to bet on him. With a price of merely 5.5 he is a steal at the back and will add immensely.

Being a goalkeeper, he is bound to play the full 90 minutes more times than not. Which means that he will land you a minimum of 2 points which could easily increase to 7 points per match if United keep a clean sheet and De Gea makes 3 saves. Winning the man of the match would add three more points. In short, playing United’s first choice keeper will give you the option of nailing between 2 to 10 points per game! And that us without including the 5 more possible points for saving a penalty.

Marcus Rashford

 (Photo by Alex Davidson/International Champions Cup via Getty Images)

Compared to other top forwards in the league, Marcus Rashford will only bite your purse for 8.5. With Solskjaer announcing his intentions to field Rashford as the clubs first choice striker, Rashford should be a must pick in your side.

Forwards receiving four points per strike and 3 per assist. This means Rashford could really rack up the numbers for you if he lights the league. With the young Englishman now the target focal point of attack, it is safe to say that Rashford will have a rich season. Being young, he may not tire easily as well, meaning he will play most games for his side.

Aaron Wan Bissaka

 (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)

United’s new right back would make for an excellent buy and should be your top choice United player this season. Full backs usually tend to make forward runs and occasionally contribute to goals through assists by well placed crosses. Which means you can maximise your scoring by a massive margin. In fact, three of the top 10 scoring players overall were defenders last season. Before that, the last time a defender made the top 10 was in 2015-16.

Wan-Bissaka is yet to score a goal in his career. However, he hasn’t played for a club like United before. Solskjaer’s men can definitely convert better than the players at Crystal Palace. If Bissaka can land the odd goals, he will score 6 points compared to the 4 attackers get. A clean sheet will also give him 4 more points. Possibly a lottery, in the sense that Wan-Bissaka will not score or assist every match, neither will he keep a clean sheet every match. But that is a gamble you take for any player around the world.

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