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Ferrari chairman adresses the media in Amsterdam but doesn’t mention driver lineup

Utkarsh Bhatla

Ferrari chairman adresses the media

The new Ferrari management have a stiff task at hand, one of ably replacing the charismatic Sergio Marchionne and two of putting out a driver line up for 2019.

The Raikkonen-Leclerc saga has gone on for too long now, with rumours flowing in day in and day out after the Monza weekend, but no official announcement has been given by the Ferrari management.

While Elkann did not address the media during the Italian GP weekend, John Elkann did speak to the media during the shareholders’ meeting, emphasising on the effect of Marchionne’s demise and how he had during his time done wonders for Ferrari.

He also spoke about Arrivabene’s role and how he is going to continue heading everything that Ferrari do on the racetrack.

“He has a great responsibility, is supported , and is part, as well as all the drivers and all those who work in Ferrari of a single team ” Elkann said as quoted by La Gazetta dello Sport.

“The priority is to continue the spirit of Enzo Ferrari, which was 30 years ago. That team spirit with which we go towards a future to be built and that will live up to our glorious past ” he added.

Elkann did not address the 2019 lineup issue, one that has attracted a lot of attention in the past week, thanks to the rumours regarding Elkann’s secret phone call with Raikkonen in the lead up to the Italian GP.

While an announcement was expected on Thursday, despite a media session, the Ferrari top management did not announce the 2019 lineup.

Recent reports suggest that the meeting that was held yesterday has resulted in a decision  that will make Leclerc stay at Sauber for another year, but he will be paid the amount agreed upon by Marchionne and him earlier this year.

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