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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Date, All Features, Promos, Trailer And More

Aaryanshi Mohan

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

Just a month after releasing the FIFA 23, EA is ready to roll out the FIFA 23 World Cup update. There are some updates about what could happen owing to the deep-dive trailer that was released by EA. Besides that, aditional information about the FIFA 23 World Cup mode and features have also been released by EA.

The trailer confirmed two things for the players– the release date and a few content additional that they will be able to enjoy thoroughly. The World Cup update is going to get released on November 9  and players will be able to access all the latest mode then. What the players will have to keep in mind is that unlike previous times, this is just a ime-bound update and not an additional mode.

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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode release date has the fans more than excited for what the update has to offer

As mentioned above, the release date of the FIFA 23 World Cup update is November 9, and will get rolled out for various platforms. People will be able to access the new FIFA 23 content on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, the ones who have it on Nintendo Switch will not be able to enjoy the update.

Prior to update announcement, a lot of rumours were doing rounds about what the content could look like in the World Cup update, and it is safe to say that the audience will enjoy this rendition. To begin with, they will have the chance to pick the country of their choice out of the 32 that have qualified for the 2023 Qatar World Cup. Not just that, they will also be able to choose from the players whose country did not make it through the cut.

There will also be a lot of custom tournaments that will allow the players to host smaller matches if they don’t want to play the full length. In additon to that, they will also be able to set up tournament rooms locally to play with their friends or just play against AI opponents. Besides all of this, players will also get an option to play online against players for 2023 World Cup’s knockout stages.

Players will also be able to see a lot of new intro themes, fan animations and custom commentaries. These are all added to whole feel of the new mode. However, fans might be disappointed to know that there will be just two stadiums that will get added to the mix.

Will FIFA 23 Ultimate Team have a World Cup Mode? 

World Cup Mode FUT has been one of the most interesting features that the game could have offered its players. They began by doing it in the FIFA 18 edition, but it will not be a separate thing this time. While this might disappoint many players, it is going to give them the chance to merge their existing squads with that of the new FIFA 23 update.

In addition to all of this, players will also get an opportunity to see the six new promo cards that are going to get released. These are going to be for a limited time only, and do no have any of the confirmed FUT World Cup Heroes, releasing on November 11, 2022.

This FIFA 23 update is a major upgrade from what we have seen in the past since it will give the fans an opportunity to showcase some creativity as fans will be able to decorate their kits, stadiums and more, as they like. While the release date of this new content is yet to be out, fans can be sure that it will be rolling out slowly in the coming month.

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