Gambit CS:GO Roster: Supra transfer listed by Gambit

Ganesh Kamat
|Published 30/09/2020

Gambit Youngsters have announced that Supra has been transfer listed and is removed from the 6 man roster.

Supra has been out action since the beginning of August.

Gambit explained that boot camps were essential to the teams integrity to form a stronger team.

With the Estonian unable to enter Russia due to the pandemic and forcing him to do so would be unfair on part of the org.

Supra was left out of the line up in the beginning of August after Gambit signed Hobbit as the teams new IGL.

Initially Hobbit was brought in as a sixth, but after his arrival Supra hasn’t played a single map for Gambit.

The org is willing to take offers for Supra who helped the team grow from the start.

The Russian core team were also on good win streaks and also won 4 consecutive tournaments over the summer.

Gambit also hovered over the Top 30 ranking and solidified their place.

The 18 year old’s departure will result Gambit losing 20% of their RMR points.

It will drop them from 5th position to 7th.

Their next tournament will be IEM New York which starts from October 13th.

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