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S1mple voices his support for Twistzz as the latter settles for life after FaZe

Amlan Roy

An image showing FaZe Clan ex-player Twistzz after Antwerp Major

Canadian Counter-Strike player, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken called it quits from FaZe Clan recently, breaking several hearts. The notable fragger under Faze Clan has displayed his skills throughout the years and has inspired many along the way. The professional shared a long message bidding his farewell and letting fans know about what’s next for him.

In the farewell message, Twistzz mentioned how proud he was about wearing the FaZe Clan jersey for three years. Overcoming many challenges with the team, he shared his feeling of bittersweetness while parting with the roster, and quoted the following in the message:

I know my decision might be shocking for some, I will be revealing more later on but for now I can say that I am ready to move on to another challenge and although it’s sad to leave, I’m happy that It was a bitter sweet ending.

He even talked about the good memories he had with the Director of Esports Operations, Edward “Eddie” Han, which he holds dear even now. Twistzz also talked about their victory during Antwerp 2022 Major, which he would cherish forever. Lastly, he thanked all his teammates for helping him improve and become a better person while wishing them success in future endeavors.

To this NaVi star AWPer Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev tweeted his response while tagging Twistzz. S1mple told the ex-FaZe player about how great he was as an athlete and not just as a rifler. He even admitted his dislike towards Russel during his early years, however, he’s happy to be proved wrong.

What is next for Twistzz on his CS2 Journey?

The message shared by Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken stated his departure from FaZe Clan on December 1, 2023. In the message, he talked about his sudden leave from the team and claimed he would be sharing news about his future. It was specifically mentioned in the letter that he was looking forward to new challenges in the future. 

According to various rumors, it is said that Twistzz could join Team Liquid next. An official statement regarding this hasn’t been shared by Twistzz or Liquid yet. However, at the same time, many believe that he could be calling it quits and settle for a quiet life after his Counter-Strike professional journey. 

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