Best story games to purchase on Steam in September 2023

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|Published September 18, 2023

Steam is known for holding a large variety of games and various third-party publications and has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. As the web store holds over 1000+ games in its library, it is hard to pick the ones that have a great story to provide.

There are many story-based games available on Steam, however, only a few provide a perfect balance between story and gameplay to give a fulfilling experience. However, many games do fulfill these criteria and are highly recommended to gamers globally.

The online game store recommends games that most players play, however, are not specific about story experience. With all that said, we have compiled a list of five games you should try in the month of September.

Five best story games on Steam you should buy in September 2023

Steam holds a large library of first-party and third-party games, however, only a few have five-star rated stories. Here are our picks of games you should purchase in the month of September:

5) Watch Dogs

An image showing the main cover of Watch Dogs which is available on Steam
(Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is one of the most iconic games from the year 2014, as it was considered the next-gen. While the game had various graphical downgrades, it provided a great story that was dark and gritty. Moreover, the gameplay is exciting and fun to play around as players take the role of a vigilante.

The story features Aiden Pierce, a hacker turned vigilante who is after vengeance against the killers of her niece. However, the story isn’t all about vengeance and also focuses on the dark side of hacking. Even though hacking is presented in a cool manner in the title, it does have its negative sides which are demonstrated perfectly in the title.

If you’re the type of person who likes dark storytelling with a lot of gameplay opportunities, this might be right for now. Even more, the game has a vast open world to explore with various gameplay possibilities, the first-ever Watch Dogs game is a great game to try even in 2023.

4) Dishonored

An image showing the protagonist of Dishonored, the game available on Steam
(Image via Bethesda Softworks)

Dishonored is one of Arkane Studio’s greatest successes from 2012, which took the world by storm. Additionally, the title also received the British Academy Game Awards in the same year, for its uniqueness. Players take the role of an assassin with supernatural powers and fight for revenge after being wrongfully blamed for the death of the Empress.

Players take on the story as Corvo Attano, who is the main protagonist of the tale. However, the story of Dishonored has three unique endings, which morally challenge players for a good ending. Moreover, player choices in certain situations also affected how the level would play out, which attracted many.

For gamers who like the steampunk plot setting, this title has the charm that still makes it popular in 2023. Additionally, the powers in the game are satisfying to use and keep the gameplay fun. 

3) Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins was the first RPG-based spin on the franchise and showcases the beginning of hidden order. While keeping RPG mechanics, the game had a linear story with various side quests, which are fun to come across. 

The main protagonist of the story is Bayek of Siwa, who was one of the last Medjay (protector) of Egypt. However, due to his dark past of losing a child, he goes on a rampage to find the ones responsible for his demise. While doing so, she character laid the foundation for beginning the Hidden Ones and showing the origins of Assassins.

The open world of the game is full of new things to come by and leaves a mark on player experience. Other than the main storyline, these extras are welcome additions making Assassin’s Creed Origins an interesting game. 

2) Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is one of the best story games on Steam
(Image via Ubisoft)

The Far Cry franchise took to the skies with the release of the third iteration featuring a new setting. The action shooter title also claimed the BAFTA award in 2013, for being the best action game of that year.

Players take on the story as Jason Brody, who with his friends gets captured by modern-day pirates. The main character has the task of freeing all his friends and escaping the island as fast as possible. However, the task isn’t simple as the leader of the pirates, has a sheer will that spread mayhem.

The game has a large island to explore which is full of livestock and activities to do. Players have the option to go stealthily or go gun-blazing to fight off the pirates and earn their freedom. Furthermore, the antagonist of the story is truly eye-catching and makes players feel intimidated whenever he’s around. If you’re a gamer who hasn’t tried the game or wishes to replay the game, now is a great time.

1) Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best story games on Steam
(Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games is largely famous for its Grand Theft Auto franchise, however, the Red Dead Redemption series has a separate fanbase. Instead of being set in the modern day, the RDR series is set in the Wild West era which is captivating.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the first game and introduces Arthur Morgan. Players have the task to retrieve their lost treasure and glory back in a place called Blackwater. However, players find themselves in a heartwrenching story that won multiple game awards as well.

Players can also live in the vast open world that has multiple things to do. Additionally, interacting with NPCs also leads to various side quests which are seamless and fun to come across. Moreover, players are also free to do whatever they please making it a great AAA game to purchase.

That concludes our list of games with great stories you should purchase on Steam in the month of September 2023. If you wish for more similar articles like story games on Steam, give us a follow. You can also read similar gaming articles by visiting our main hub by clicking here.

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