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20 free games on Steam you should play in 2023

Amlan Roy

An image showing a collage of games i background with Steam logo in front

There are abundant free games on Steam that gamers can play in the year 2023. Ranging from a variety of genres, Valve’s online game library has games that can fit each and everyone’s taste.

While many expect free games to be of low quality, however, there are plenty of titles on Steam that are worth it. All these games can be acquired without spending a coin and enjoyed to the fullest by the players.

Since Valve’s online game store holds more than 1000 free-to-play titles, it is difficult to pick which ones to play. Thus we have shortlisted twenty free-to-play games that you can try out in 2023.

20 free games to try out on Steam in 2023

Below are suggestions for 20 free games to try out in 2023 found on Steam. While the game doesn’t follow a single genre, however, they are all fun to play in their way. Most of these games have multiplayer support so that you can play them with your friends.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (2012)

An image showing two terrorist from CSGS Steam free games
(Image via Valve)

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a competitive shooter based on Valve’s Source engine. The game franchise has existed for a long time and is receiving another upgrade this Summer. The game provides a plethora of weapons to pick from on different maps. Learn various strategies to reach bomb sites or defend them to win a match.

In addition to competitive matches, the game also has fun game modes like Deathmatch, Flying Scoutman, and more. While the free version allows for unlimited gameplay, the Prime memberships give away some exclusive rewards. Nonetheless, the game is extremely fun to play with friends on the internet.

DOTA 2 (2013)

An image showing a character on Dark Horse from DOTA 2 Steam free games
(Image via Valve)

DOTA 2 is a free-to-play MOBA game that is also developed by Valve and has a huge fanbase. Players need to have great strategy and team coordination to secure a win in the game. The game has a total of 124 heroes and each of them has their play-style to master, making it one of the hardest in the genre.

The MOBA game has 3D gameplay and requires the players to dominate the map and reach the opponent’s base to destroy them and win the match. However, what makes this game even more fun is how things can completely turnover anytime. Thus, players need to be careful with whatever decisions they make.

PUBG PC (2017)

An image showing a man wearing metal helmet from PUBG PC which among Steam free games
(Image via KRAFTON)

PUBG was initially available at a price on Steam before turning to a free-to-play model back in 2022. The battle-royale game was immensely popular in 2017 and is still quite relevant to this date. While there are multiple battle-royale games in the market, PUBG provides realistic gunplay like no other.

As of 2023, there are a total of eight maps in PUBG including classic ones like Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. Additionally, players also have the option to pick weapons from a catalog ranging above 50. Make use of whatever you find on the ground, and fight against the odds to rise above all.

War Thunder (2012)

An image showing tanks and planes from War Thunder which among Steam free games
(Image via Gaijin Entertainment)

War Thunder is a massively multiplayer game that allows players to participate in vehicular arms on land, air, and seas. Players can take control of war vehicles ranging from World War I to even the modern era. These vehicles have different origins like those from the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia, and so on.

The simulative gameplay of War Thunder has a huge community that is growing all the time. Additionally, the game is constantly updated with new content that players will appreciate, making it a tremendous success among many.

Destiny 2 (2017)

An iamge showing three different classed character from Desnity 2 which among Steam free games
(Image via Bungie)

Bungie’s very own RPG shooter title was initially a pay-to-play from various platforms before making it free-to-play in 2019. Destiny 2 provides MMO aspects that make it both fun to play alone and with friends. Moreover, the game also has a PVP mode that allows players to partake in online battles.

You make a character of your own choice from three distinct classes: Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. Each of these characters has their specialty, which makes them distinct in a battle against enemies. Collect various weapons, armor, and more, while exploring the vast universe like no other.

The Sim 4 (2014)

An image showing characters from Sims 4 which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Electronic Arts)

The Sims franchise has been revolutionary since it was published by Electronic Art with efforts from Maxis. The fourth iteration gives players a huge sandbox to play around in while deeply simulating the lives of others in the world. 

Players can create their characters, or take over others’ lives to start their own second life. Additionally, the game also has various expansion packs that add more spice to the gameplay and more stuff to tinker with. Players can also mod the game, to bring in new features that aren’t present in the base game.

Brawlhalla (2017)

An image showing playable characters in Brawlhalla which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Ubisoft)

Fighting games are one of the biggest genres in the world, which is competitive and fun at the same time. The gameplay of Brawlhalla is similar to that of Super Smash Bros. however, has its own set of characters from Ubisoft’s iconic games. 

Even in 2023, the game has a large player base for online battles and with various game modes. Brawlhalla can also be played locally, which makes it great for parties. Also, the game doesn’t have any gore elements, which makes it quite family-friendly.

Apex Legends (2019)

An image showing original characters from Apex Legends which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn Entertainment was known worldwide for its Titanfall franchise and later released a battle royale in the same universe. Apex Legends has various characters with different abilities that give them them advantage in various situations. The game also provides a variety of maps that have their unique features.

In 2023, the game has over 20 playable characters with unique abilities that make the gameplay dynamic. Moreover, the game is more fast-paced compared to other similar titles in the genre. Additionally, the game is also updated regularly despite being a triple-A shooter.

Warframe (2013)

An image showing elemental character from Warframe which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Digital Extremes)

The third-person MMO game is one of the most played free games on Steam and gets new updates now and then. Just like Destiny 2, the game features various worlds to explore and missions to complete to unlock unique loot. Warframe also provides for PvP other than just PvE gameplay, just like Destiny 2.

Players can create their unique character called Tenno, who belongs to a race of warriors who have been awoken for tasks that no one would dare. Additionally, players are free to create their characters with unique loadouts and be unique from others. 

Paladins (2016)

An image showing the main cover of Paladins
Image via Hi Rez Studios)

Paladins is a first-person shooter title that features objective-based gameplay consisting of two teams. Based on Unreal Engine 3, the game runs smoothly on most PC and gives an experience that is fun to play with friends. The game also has over 50 playable characters with different abilities and belongs to four different classes.

While many debates between Overwatch and Paladins for being a better game. In truth, Paladins provides better casual gameplay in comparison to Blizzard’s hero shooter. The game also provides limited-time events that are loved by players and have a vast online community.

Deceit (2017)

An image showing the main cover of Deceit with guy shooting a monster
(Image via World Makers)

Simply explained, Deceit is more of a horror version of Among Us and features a “friendship-breaking” experience. A total of six players can enjoy this game, and work towards finding two imposters. 

The impostors have to hide their identity at all costs and eliminate every innocent player with their wits. The maps of the game are vast and have plenty of gadgets to narrow the search down. With very balanced gameplay, Deciet brings the worst out of people in a fun way and is outstanding for being free-to-play.

Team Fortress 2 (2007)

An image showing different classed characters in Team Fortress 2 which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Valve)

Team Fortress 2 is a major hit from Valve other than DOTA and CSGO. While the graphics look cartoonish, the casual gameplay of TF2 is unparalleled. The game also provides for class-based characters which have their own set of special abilities.

Additionally, customization of the game is also cheap and players can get access to them easily. However, players will be able to experience the game without spending a dime. The game even provides over 30 maps with different game modes.

Business Tour (2017)

An image showing the gameplay of Business World Tour
(Image via 8 Floor Games)

For fans of Monopoly, the game is a free alternative with 3D graphics. Players can enjoy the game solo, or with friends locally or via the internet. The game uses the classic Monopoly rules and has a few extra perks that make the gameplay dynamic.

For tabletop game fans, Business Tour is also a great digital alternative to Monopoly. However, to play multiplayer in private mode, players have to get membership plans to get full access. Other than that, Business Tour is one of the best free games available on Steam.

Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL (2022)

An image showing a dragon character from Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel
(Image via Konami)

For fans of digital collectible card games, Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL is a massive hit in 2023. Based on the anime, the card game focuses on giving the experience of a professional card duelist. Create great strategies and fight against strangers with the casual card game.

Players are free to create their deck of cards and choose their favorite characters. Even if someone hasn’t watched the anime will get to understand the game and enjoy it as a card game. The game has a huge online player base and provides a nice laid-back experience with a great music score.

Krunker (2021)

An image showing the gameplay of Krunker with a Sniper rifle
(Image via FRVR)

Krunker is a fast-paced first-person shooter game that has similar mechanics as the modern Call of Duty franchise. Additionally, some of the maps have a similar layout which makes this indie game a ripoff. However, Krunker has its positive sides as it is completely lightweight and provides a solid shooting experience.

Players can pick from various preset classes and shoot around maps with ease. Additionally, the game also allows for modding and creating custom maps with ease which can players can enjoy. Moreover, the game is extremely small and takes up only one gigabyte of storage.

Unsolved Cases (2022)

An image showing the main cover of Unsolved Cases which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Eleven Puzzles)

Unsolved Cases is a co-op multiplayer game that gives a great mystery-solving detective story. This is a prequel to the Cryptic Killer series from Eleven Puzzles and is fun to play with friends. The controls utilize point-and-click game mechanics to traverse around.

The game doesn’t require any beefy computer and requires only 3 GB of storage on the system. The award-winning title is must play escape room game, which comes at free of cost. Moreover, players do not have to pay for any additional content, which is a bonus when compared to other free-to-play.

Fallout Shelter (2017)

An image showing pip-boy and other cartoon characters from Fallout Shelter which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Bethesda)

Taking place in the Fallout universe of Besthesda, the society builder game is one of the best in 2023. The game was initially released back in 2017.  Ever since then Fallout Shelter has evolved into a much larger game that allows players to build and manage their own post-apocalyptic Vault.

As a Vault manager, players can recruit survivors, give them roles, or send them out for expeditions to get exclusive rewards. Additionally, players can also customize the dwellers and build things to upkeep the community.

Halo Infinite (2021)

An iamge showcasing master Chief from Halo Infinite which is among frees games on Steam
(Image via Xbox Game Studios)

While the campaign of Halo Infinite requires money, the multiplayer experience is completely free of cost. With seasonal updates, the game gets constantly refreshed with new content to keep it thriving. Unlike other free games on Steam, the game looks gorgeous and is still great to play in 2023 despite the recent downfall in the player base.

The multiplayer experience of Halo Infinite consists of various game modes and unique events on various maps which are highly detailed. Moreover, the game features a triple-A classed gameplay which enjoyable and balanced.

Goose Goose Duck (2021)

An image showing few cartoon ducks from Goose Goose Duck
(Image via Gaggle Studios)

While Among Us is free on the mobile platform, on Steam it does require players to pay a price. However, fret not as Goose Goose Duck provides the same experience. However, this game features more things that are not there on Among Us.

The gameplay of Goose Goose Duck features up to 16 players and supports proximity chat. Additionally, the game also had over 50 sub-roles other than just being a duck or goose. The consists of 9 unique maps and players can have a blast in this silly yet interesting game.

Path of Exile (2013)

An image showing main title of Path of Exile
(Image via Grinding Gear Games)

Action RPG hack-and-slash game Path of Exile is still one of the biggest RPGs to over exist. After the release of Diablo 4, many players wish to enjoy a similar experience that Blizzard’s latest Action RPG provides. 

While the story is different from Diablo 4, the gameplay of Path of Exile is stunning after different updates added to the game. Explore a vast world full of dungeons, monsters, and more, Path of Exile is fun both with friends and alone.

That is all you need to know about 20 free games on Steam you can play in 2023. If you liked this article, check other similar content by clicking here.

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