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Nintendo Faces Tough Criticism After Sending a Copyright Strike to NoahJ for 7-Year-Old Modded Pokémon Video

Ripan Majumdar

NoahJ playing Call of Duty

Modding has been a significant part of the gaming community, as fans get to experience their games in ways beyond the developers imagined. Pokemon is one of the most renowned game series, so it’s not surprising there are multiple mods available for it. However, Nintendo is not a fan of the practice, as they recently took down a YouTuber for modded Pokemon content.

The renowned esports journalist Jake Lucky recently took to his X account to share that Noah “NoahJ” Johnson received a copyright strike from Nintendo for a modded Pokemon video. The Japanese giants targeted the “NEW* POKEMON ZOMBIES” video for modding Call of Duty Zombies to feature Pokemon like Pikachu, Gengar, Meowth, and Mewtwo.

The Japanese giants are known for their strict policies about emulators and mods. They recently took down the Switch emulator Yuzu and have now sent a manual strike to NoahJ. It seems like Nintendo is on a hunt for whoever breached their policies. However, they took a long time to take these steps, as the video they took down from Noah’s channel was 7 years old.

Jake Lucky advised creators who made similar modded Pokemon videos to take them down to avoid getting a copyright strike from Nintendo. Even NoahJ claimed two more such strikes could get his channel permanently removed from YouTube. So, he also has the same suggestion as Jake for his fellow content creators.

Fans are not in favor of Nintendo’s behavior against NoahJ

The news of NoahJ’s modded Pokemon video getting taken down by Nintendo spread like wildfire on the internet. None of the fans sided with the Japanese giants, as they believed these actions were only distancing Nintendo from their fans. However, none were surprised by this action, as they have seen them take similar steps in the past.

Some fans took this opportunity to address how Nintendo is going after these modded Pokemon videos but didn’t do anything to Palworld. This Pocket Pair game was accused of copying the designs of Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters for their Pals. Everyone believed the Japanese giants would take some serious action against the title, but nothing has happened so far.

Nintendo might have to revise their policies because they are definetly pushing their fans away. Although they aren’t wrong to be against modding, its significance in the gaming community can’t be ignored. The Japanese giants might have to find a middle ground to make it a win-win situation for both sides.

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