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EA FC 24 Reece James Ultimate Birthday SBC: Steps to Acquire This New Special Card

Ripan Majumdar

Reece James' in-game model

The Reece James Ultimate Birthday Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is now live in EA FC 24. This gives players the opportunity to acquire a strong right-back for their squad.

Electronic Arts released the Ultimate Birthday promo to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ultimate Team. Like every promo, EA has selected a few player cards and has significantly upgraded their stats along with Playstyle+s. Moreover, a speciality of Ultimate Birthday is that each player, regardless of his position will have either 5-star skills or 5-star weak foot (sometimes both). Besides, along with present-day soccer stars, the promo also features legends of the sport.

The stats of the Reece James Ultimate Birthday card

The English right-back has an 84-rated Rare Gold base card that fans mostly use for completing SBCs. He also has an 88-rated Ultimate Dynasty card, which is still useable to an extent. However, Reece James’ 91-rated Ultimate Birthday edition blows his previous cards out of the water.

Stats of the Reece James Card
Stats of the Reece James Ultimate Birthday Card (Image via EA Sports)

This Chelsea star is known to be a threat on the right flank. Now, fans can recreate his real-life performance in the game, as his 91-rated Ultimate Birthday card has 91-Pace and 91-Passing. The card also has Whipped Pass and Jockey Playstyles+s which boosts both his offensive and defensive capabilities. Additionally, the Ultimate Birthday card would be best for those who want a good chemistry link to English and Premier League players. 

Steps to get the new special right-back cards in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports recently unveiled the Team 2 for the Ultimate Birthday promo, but Reece James isn’t a part of it. The Englishman’s card is exclusive to a player SBC. So, fans will have to build two starting XIs while meeting the requirements stated below:


Reece James Squad 1
Image via EA Sports
  • The team should consist of at least one England player.
  • The team should consist of at least one TOTW player.
  • The overall rating for the team needs to be over 86.

Premier League

Reece James Squad 2
Image via EA Sports
  • The team should consist of at least one Premier League player.
  • The team should consist of at least one TOTW player.
  • The overall rating for the team needs to be over 87.

Players need to have at least 185,000 Ultimate Team coins if they want to every single card required in the SBC from scratch. Additionally, they can use fodder or duplicate cards to reduce the amount of coins required. Participating in Ultimate Team matches also replenishes coins and card packs if needed.

We would advise FC 24 players to get the 91-rated James Reece Ultimate Birthday card since he is an end-game right-back. Moreover, despite EA overpricing their SBCs recently, this one is available at a reasonable price, and players should not miss out on it.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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