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FIFA 23 Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah Dynamic Duos SBC: How to acquire the two AC Milan stars?

Ripan Majumdar

FIFA 23 Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah Dynamic Duos

FIFA 23 is in its final days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much left in the game for the fans. Instead, there is a lot of new content being added everyday. The Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah Dynamic Duos SBC are currently live in the game. Let’s dive to learn more about these new in-game items.

Electronic Arts has released many exciting promos since introducing the Ultimate Team mode in the FIFA franchise. But the Dynamic Duo stands out from others, as these FUT cards usually get released in pairs. EA Sports releases players from the same club and country for this campaign.

The AC Milan stars Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah are the latest additions to the FIFA 23 Dynamic Duos. The return of this FUT campaign following its initial appearance in November 2022 was pretty surprising. But being Dynamic Duo cards, these two new in-game items would only be available as a reward for completing SBC.

About the FIFA 23 Christian Pulisic Dynamic Duo

Pulisic has an 82-rated Rare Gold card as his default in Ultimate Team. But over the past season, he received many upgrades for his performance at Chelsea. Yet, none of them can come close to his new 97-rated Dynamic Duo card, which lists him as a Milan player. Moreover, he has some incredible stats on this card.

  • Pace – 99
  • Shooting – 94
  • Passing – 96
  • Dribbling – 99
  • Defending – 51
  • Physicality – 83

The 99 rating in Pace and Dribbling makes this card unique. But he also has some mind-blowing numbers in other attributes, except for the defending. Along with these stunning stats, he has 5-Star Skills and a 5-Star Weak Foot.

The Dynamic Duo card lists him in his natural position, as a Left Winger (LW). But fans can convert him to other positions like Left Midfielder (LM) and Right Winger (RW) to suit their strategies.

About the FIFA 23 Yunus Musah Dynamic Duo

Musah has a 73-rated Rare Silver card as his default in Ultimate Team. But he received a significant boost after joining his fellow clubmate and countryman Pulisic in the Dynamic Duo. The new Milan star is now 97-rated and has mind-blowing stats on the new FUT card.

  • Pace – 99
  • Shooting – 93
  • Passing – 92
  • Dribbling – 99
  • Defending – 82
  • Physicality – 90

Like Pulisic’s Dynamic Duo, Musah also has 99 Pace and Dribbling. But Musah’s defending and physicality stats are better than Pulisic’s. The new Dynamic Duo card also presented Musah with 5-Star Skills and a 5-Star Weak Foot.

Musah is listed as a Right Midfielder (RM) on the Dynamic Duo card. But fans can convert him into a Center Midfielder (CM), Left Midfielder (LM), or Right Winger (RW) to better suit their requirements.

How to acquire these two new unique FUT cards?

Despite both cards being over 97-rated, EA Sports didn’t make the SBC demanding. In fact, there is only one SBC for each card, where fans must create a starting XI. But they must remember to meet some requirements while building the squads for the challenges.

Christian Pulisic

  • The team’s overall rating should be above 90.

Yunus Musah

  • At least one Serie A TIM should be part of the lineup.
  • The team’s overall rating should be above 90.

Fans might only require spending over 200,000 FUT coins to create the two required squads for completing the SBC. Despite this being a reasonable amount to spend on both cards, fans can lower the expense by using extra cards in their possession. Players can also participate in FUT matches to obtain more coins and cards in case of a shortage of these required resources.

That’s all the details that FIFA 23 fans need to know before attempting to acquire the new Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah Dynamic Duos. If this guide was helpful, click here to learn how to obtain the Kim Min-jae Player Moments card.

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