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FIFA 23 Kim Min-jae Player Moments SBC: How to get the new Bayern Munich star in FUT 23?

Ripan Majumdar

FIFA 23 Kim Min-jae Player Moments

After the 99-rated Jude Bellingham Player Moments, EA Sports has released another Player Moments card for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This new addition is none other than the South-Korean defender Kim Min-jae. Let’s find out everything about this new in-game item.

EA Sports has released many exciting promos for the Ultimate Team mode in the FIFA games. Player Moments is also one of those promos, and it celebrates some incredible moments of a specific player during a season. These moments might range from a game-winning goal to a major victory.

The Korean defender Kim Min-jae is the latest to join the Player Moments club. EA Sports didn’t include him in this series for any of his incredible performances last season but for his transfer move from Napoli to Bayern Munich.

About the FIFA 23 Kim Min-jae Player Moments

Kim has a 79-rated Rare Gold as his default card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It is a decent card that most fans might have used during their early days in the mode or for completing SBCs. Yet, over the last season, EA Sports presented him with many upgrades for his incredible performances. However, none of them are even close to his new 98-rated Kim Min-jae Player Moments, which has some mind-blowing stats.

  • Pace – 96
  • Shooting – 49
  • Passing – 84
  • Dribbling – 88
  • Defending – 97
  • Physicality – 99

The new Bayern Munich star has incredible defensive stats with 97 Defending and 99 Physicality. But he even has 99 Pace with some excellent Passing and Dribbling stats to link with other players. The Player Moments card offers him a 5-Star Weak Foot and 5-Star Skills, which is like an icing on the cake.

This new Kim Min-jae Player Moments card states him as a Center-Back (CB) in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Unlike other cards, fans can’t convert Kim to any alternate position. But despite this, it is an incredible card to own, as it helps build a competitive squad.

How to obtain this new FUT card?

Unlike Jude Bellingham’s Player Moments and other unique cards, this Squad Building Challenge (SBC) isn’t that complex. EA Sports divided the challenge into two segments, where fans have to create two squads of 11 players each. However, they should meet some requirements while building the squads.

FC Bayern Munchen

  • A minimum of one FC Bayern Munchen player should be part of the team.
  • A minimum of one Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS) player should be part of the team.
  • The overall rating of the team should be over 88.


  • A minimum of one Bundesliga player should be part of the team.
  • The overall rating of the team should be over 90.

This SBC will cost fans over 160,000 FUT coins to create the two required squads. Undoubtedly, it is a lot cheaper than the SBC for Bellingham’s Player Moments, but fans can still lower their expenditure by using spare cards from their collection. Additionally, they can participate in FUT matches or complete other SBCs to earn more coins and cards in case of a shortage.

This is everything that FIFA 23 fans must remember before they attempt to complete the SBC for Kim’s new FUT card. If this guide helped you in getting the card, click here to learn about the Jude Bellingham Player Moments SBC.

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