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Leaked Documents Show a New Xbox Dev Kit Certification in Korea Leading to Rumors of a Possible Handheld Console

Ripan Majumdar

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The console war might be moving to the next stage, as Sony is developing the PS5 Pro and Nintendo is about to release the Switch 2. Recently, a leak has surfaced suggesting Microsoft is not sleeping on this situation, as they also have a new unannounced Xbox console in the works.

Xbox News for Koreans is an X (formerly Twitter) account that keeps Korean Xbox fans updated about everything related to Microsoft’s console. They recently shared a screenshot of the certification history of the Xbox Dev Kit (XDK) in Korea from the official website of Korea’s National Radio Research Agency (RRA). The tweet revealed an unknown Xbox Dev Kit certified on March 18, 2024, suggesting a new console.

There are speculations that it could be a dev kit for a referenced version of the Series X. Xbox News for Koreans later clarified that a minor refresh console doesn’t need a certified dev kit. Moreover, a dev kit console never needs to be certified, unless it is for a new retail console.

Fans speculate the unknown Xbox Dev Kit is for a handheld

The new Kbox Dev Kit which was recently certified in Korea suggests a new console is under development. A lot of fans speculate it to be an upgraded Series X, but it was claimed to be wrong by Xbox News for Koreans. However, fans also speculate this might be a new console albeit a handheld one.

Fans aren’t wrong to speculate about an Xbox handheld console, as there have been rumors about one lately. Industry insider Tom Henderson hypothesized about Microsoft getting into the handheld scene, especially after the success of SteamDeck. Jez Corden, a fellow insider, replied to Henderson’s tweet claiming Microsoft is already working on one.

For many years fans speculated about when the American giants will join the handheld industry. After all, Sony already entered this scene with their PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). They also re-entered the scene with the recently released PlayStation Portal. Meanwhile, Nintendo has been dominating the handheld scene with the Switch.

If the rumors are true, it is definetly high time for Xbox to join the handheld race. Pairing it with their cloud gaming technology and Game Pass could be a game-changing move for Microsoft. However, these are all speculations, and fans should wait for an official announcement.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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