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The Story Behind Clove’s “Agent 25” Nickname Despite Being the 24th Agent in Valorant

Ripan Majumdar

Agent 25 Clove in Valorant

Valorant has unveiled its upcoming agent, the immortal Scottish troublemaker Clove, who will join the roster on March 26. Clove will be a part of the controller sub-class and is the 24th agent to join the FPS tactical hero shooter. However, despite being the 24th agent to join the game, Clove has been given the moniker “Agent 25,” leading to quite a few questions.

Fans, especially those who started playing Valorant recently, might get confused with an Agent’s ID number and the order in which they joined the roster. This confusion is all thanks to Agent 08, who is missing from the 2020-released tactical hero shooter. This is why, Clove’s agent code marks them as the 25th agent in Valorant.

When the game was first released, players only had access from Agent 1 Brimstone to Agent 13 Breach. However, agents with the ID numbers 4, 8, and 11 were missing upon launch. Riot Games introduced Killjoy and Reyna in the following chapter, who were the missing Agents 04 and 11. However, the next addition, Skye, and all the agents following her have had an ID number of 14 or above, leaving the identity of Agent 08 shrouded in mystery.

Where is Agent 08 in Valorant?

Fans have long been curious about the whereabouts of Agent 08, who has remained a mystery since launch. In fact, the speculations surrounding Agent 08 are pretty diverse, and one of the most popular scenarios claims he has passed away.

In 2021, the developers hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session on Valorant’s official subreddit. Fans bombarded the developers with questions related to the agents in the game, including the mysterious VP-08. This is where the developers put an end to the “death rumors,” claiming Agent 08 is away and he will be added to the game once he returns from a mysterious mission.

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After the developers confirmed that the missing agent was alive, speculations about his current whereabouts began flooding the internet. Many fans believe Agent 08 has been kicked out of Protocol (the organization the agents are part of) or has left the organization willingly. There are also rumors that VP-08 has been kidnapped by Omega-Earth (the big bad of the Valorant Universe) or they might have joined the organization on their own accord. Interestingly, there are also some who have chosen to believe the simple explanation that the missing agent is currently on vacation.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when Riot Games will add Agent 08 to Valorant. Until then, players can continue using the other agents, including the newcomer Clove. Interestingly, the new Agent 25 can change the use of a Controller in the Valorant pro scene, as it has some incredible abilities that promote a very offensive-minded playing style.

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