Valorant Ep 6 Act 1 competitive queue end time for USA

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published March 06, 2023

Episode 6, Act 2 of Valorant will start on March 8, 2023. When Act 2 goes live, players will be able to experience all the new changes that have been made in the game. When the fresh episode started, players saw the addition of a new map. With a change in the act, players will see a new agent this time around. But when does the competitive queue end for Ep 6 Act 1 in Valorant?

According to Riot Games’ past record, they prevent players from accessing ranked matches a day prior to the update rollout. After the new update, players will be able to try out the new agent, Gekko. His first gameplay preview was revealed in VCT LOCK IN 2023.

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When does the competitive queue end for Ep 6 Act 1 Valorant?

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Players in the USA will only be able to access the competitive lineup on March 7, 2023, till 6:00 AM PST. After this, players will only be able to access unranked matches which include Deathmatches, and Spike Rush. Before the clock strikes 6:00, players can push their rank as much as they want.

The new update of Episode 6, Act 2 will be rolled out on March 8, 2023. The game’s servers will go down for a few hours after 14:00 PST. Once the servers are back, players will be able to access the competitive queue, as well as the new agent, Gekko.

What updates will Valorant Ep 6 Act 2 have?

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One of the biggest additions to the new Act will be the agent from Los Angeles, Gekko. His abilities are quite intriguing and players who saw him at LOCK IN are looking forward to trying them. Besides that, the game will also feature a new battle pass which will have some gun skins, along with some player cards, buddies, and sprays.

In addition to this, the Oni 2.0 gun skin bundle will also be introduced. The bundle was also shown at the LOCK IN and the knife skin quickly became an audience favorite.

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