Gekko Valorant Abilities Explained: Wingman is the Best One so Far!

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published March 06, 2023

This article will take a look at Agent 22 ‘Gekko’ in Valorant. We will also look at all of his abilities in detail. Explanation below.

Agent 22 got the spotlight in the show match featuring Team Tarik and Team FRTTT. In that match, we got to see Gekko’s abilities on showcase along with some cool developer insights about him. However, some people do not know what his abilities do as of yet. That is why we will take a look at Gekko’s abilities and see what they can be used for in the game.

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Wingman, Thrash, Dizzy, and Mosh Pit Explanation: Gekko Valorant Abilities Showcase

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C – Mosh Pit

As usual, there are four abilities to break down on this new character. Let us start off with the (C) Ability which is called Mosh Pit.

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This ability is similar to a Viper molly, it has a large area of effect and can be one of the strongest utility pieces for post plants. Therefore, delaying defuses or clearing corners is the ideal scenario to use this ability.

E – Dizzy

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This is a combination of a blind and a reveal. When thrown at enemies, it locks onto and hits them in line of sight. The enemies will be blinded. In addition, Dizzy leaves an orb behind which can be picked up to deploy the ability again after a short cooldown. This ability will be crucial for entering sights.

Q – Wingman

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Now Gekko’s most interesting ability. Wingman is used for many purposes. You can either plant or defuse the spike with the ability. In addition, if you do not have the spike or are not defusing, Wingman can find enemies and concuss them. The Wingman orb can also be picked up again for reuse.

X- Thrash

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The ultimate ability Thrash is a portable Killjoy ultimate. You can control Thrash and steer her to direct her to enemies and detain them. The ability is also deployable after picking up the orb. This ability is really useful in aggressive plays or while entering sites. It is also a great post-plant utility for both attack and defense.

What do you think of Gekko? Do you think he is broken? Let’s discuss it! Stay tuned at The SportsRush for news!

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