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Counter Strike 2 rumors heat up as Richard Lewis calls it ‘very real’

Danyal Arabi

Counter Strike 2 rumors heat up as Richard Lewis calls it 'very real'

Despite being a meme for years, it seems Counter Strike 2 is finally happening. Earlier last month, the CS:GO Twitter page changed its banner to simply say ‘Counter-Strike.’ which was the first indication of something to come. Not long after, it was discovered that the Nvidia driver profiles for Counter-Strike were updated with “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” executables.

Now, veteran CS:GO reporter Richard Lewis has stated that CS 2 is “not only real but it’s coming very soon.”

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Richard Lewis believes Counter Strike 2 is “right around the corner”

Earlier today, Richard Lewis took to Twitter to publish his findings regarding the future of Counter-Strike. The former caster stated that sources close to the title have confirmed a few development details and alleges that the betta for the game is coming this month, with April 1 being the latest date by which it will arrive.

In terms of naming, Richard Lewis suggests that it will most likely be called Counter-Strike 2 at launch. As of now, it is not known if this will be released alongside CS: GO or whether a Dota 2-esque Source 2 merger is on the cards.

Richard Lewis also states that a few professional CS: GO players have been flown out to Valve HQ to test the game, meaning that it’s almost ready for release. Technical details of whether or not CS 2 matchmaking will feature 128 tick servers are unknown at the moment. However, fans shouldn’t expect a main release any time soon.

The beta for CS 2 is expected to take a while, allowing the developers to iron out everything and make it an esports-worthy title. Additionally, balance and meta changes will require extensive testing before the game can reach players’ hands.

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