Valorant LOCK//IN capsule bundle release date, price and bundle details

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published February 04, 2023

Before the start of every Valorant event, Riot Games introduced a new skin bundle. With the Valorant LOCK//IN starting on February 13, players can get their hands on the LOCK//IN capsule bundle. This bundle will carry exclusive cosmetics for the upcoming esports season.

In addition, Riot Games also confirmed that they will be introducing team-based skin bundles.

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What will be the price of the Valorant LOCK//IN capsule bundle?

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While the official price of the bundle is yet to be announced, players can be assured that it will be on the higher side. Previous skin lines from other VCT events have also carried a premium price tag.

From prior experience, players can expect the bundle to cost anywhere between 5,100 VP to 6265 VP. However, this is not confirmed. This amount could be the bare minimum that players have to spend. The cost could be higher, as well.

When will the Valorant LOCK//IN capsule bundle release?

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FPS enthusiasts can expect the bundle to release sometime around February 8, 2023. This will arrive just in time for players to buy the skin bundle and support their favorite team.

The VCT LOCK//IN will start on February 13, 2023 with teams in Group Alpha competing against each other. The skin bundle is going to be a tournament exclusive. In addition to players supporting their favorite teams via skins, Riot also confirmed that half of the proceeds from the sales of team bundles will go to the franchised teams.

Capsule bundle leaks

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According to the information available, the sleek and futuristic bundle will have three items. The bundle will comprise of the following:

  • Misericórdia Knife (Three variants)
  • VCT LOCK//IN Player Cards (Three items)
  • VCT LOCK//IN Spray

Since this is also a tournament bundle, all of these items will be available as single purchases and players will not see the return of the bundle in the night market.

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