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Gianlguigi Buffon commits howler as Lukaku gives United the lead

Rishabh Gupta
|Wed Mar 06 2019

Gianluigi Buffon commits a howler in front of the goal as Romelu Lukaku restores United’s lead.

The game between Manchester United and PSG started rather dramatically as Romelu Lukaku gave the visitors a shock lead in the second minute.

However, PSG came back strongly in the game and didn’t allow Manchester United players possession, as Bernat finally restored parity in the game with a brilliant assist from Kylian Mbappe.

Manchester United, however, took the lead again as Gianluigi Buffon committed a howler in front of the goal.

The Italian goalkeeper made a sloppy mistake as he failed to collect the shot from Marcus Rashford. Romelu Lukaku took the opportunity and scored his second of the night.

Paris Saint Germain have been a much stronger side in the game so far, as they came close to take the lead in the tie on multiple occasions. Eric Bailly’s sloppy defending cost United, and the Ivory Coast defender was substituted for Diogo Dalot within the first 35 minutes of the game.

By the time of the publishing of this article, Manchester United are 2-1 up against PSG and need a goal to qualify for the next round, given they hold PSG attackers for the rest of the game.

Here’s the video of the goal from Romelu Lukaku:


Here’s how the fans reacted:


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