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Former PGA Tour Golfer Accuses Tiger Woods Of Alleged Steroid Use: ‘Nobody’s Ever Said That Like I’m Saying It Right Now”

Kunal Singh

Tiger Woods

Former PGA Tour pro Mark Lye has made some serious allegations against Tiger Woods. In a recent episode of the Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich, Lye allegedly said that the 15-time major champion was using steroids, and that it was a long-kept secret.

When Tiger Woods first made his appearance on the PGA Tour, he immediately made an all-new approach to the game as a true professional athlete. He focused on his diet and workout plans to keep his body fit. Although he may not be the first player, but he did revolutionize the gentleman’s game to become a professional athletic sport.

Former PGA Tour Mark Lye spoke on the Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich, accusing the golf legend of using substances to keep himself at the top of the game.

“People in Tiger’s corner [say] You better shut up about it.’ Nobody’s ever gone out like that.” Mark Lye continued by saying, “Nobody’s ever said that like I’m saying it right now. There’s just no doubt. And I would say about 80 or 90% of the people out there know something ain’t right.”

Mark Lye was a former American professional golfer who made his debut on the PGA Tour in 1977. He eventually shifted his focus to the broadcasting industry in 1995. The 71-year-old is a one-time winner on the Tour, and his only victory came at the Bank of Boston Classic in 1983.

When Former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Claimed Tiger Woods Used PEDs

Back on March 7, 2023, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen was on an episode of Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant on YouTube. He claimed that Tiger Woods had been using EPO which affects growth, hormone, and testosterone levels in the body.

“There’s only one golfer that follows the big three. And the big three is – EPO, Growth, Hormone, and Testosterone. That’s the Lance Armstrong Diet. There’s one golfer, but it’s Tiger Woods. Like, yes it does matter! EPO matters, it’s the reason LeBron [James] takes it.”

Chael Sonnen has often accepted using performance-enhancing drugs. On the Flagrant podcast, he simultaneously accused basketball legend LeBron James and golf great Tiger Woods of using EPOs. These drugs are part of the Lance Armstrong diet and help in immense growth of the body.

Tiger Woods has never accepted the fact that he has used PEDs in his life. Since the PGA Tour started testing steroids in 2008, it is quite difficult to say if the American golfer used these drugs before this period. After all, he made his pro debut over a decade ago, and his body has undergone immense changes during that period.

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