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When LIV Golf Chairman Greg Norman And His Wife Faced A S*xual Assault Lawsuit In 2023

Alisha Kotadia

Greg Norman

Greg Norman, who is currently in charge of the LIV league, was once embroiled in a legal battle over a claim of s*xual assault that allegedly happened at his Florida home. The event happened in September 2021 during a pool party at Norman’s Palm Beach Gardens home. The case involved the stepdaughter of a friend of Norman, identified as Jane Doe for legal reasons.

The girl was reportedly a minor at the time. However, the two-time major champion’s wife Kirsten Norman served her alcohol. This made the high school girl intoxicated and she even struggled to stand on her own. Later, she was s*xually abused by two other minors, identified as M.B. and C.R. According to the complaint, both boys assaulted Doe at the same time in the grassy area near the pool.

A lawsuit was thus filed by the girl and her family in 2023 against the Normans. The complaint read:

“Defendants breached their duty of care by not safe-guarding or preventing injury to Jane Doe’s health and well-being, including, but not limited to, abusive conduct by other minor invitees resultant in part from the provision of alcoholic beverages to the minor invitees. As a result of Defendant’s negligence, Doe suffered bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, disability, mental anguish, loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life, expenses for counseling and resulting treatment, loss of earnings, and the loss of the ability to earn money in the future. These losses are permanent, and Jane Doe will suffer losses in the future.”

Soon after the lawsuit was filed, Norman’s lawyer addressed the matter. He issued a statement that clarified the situation.

Greg Norman’s lawyer responded to the se*ual assault allegations with a statement

Following the incident, Norman’s lawyer, Stuart Grossman, commented on the matter, stating that the case had been fully investigated and is closed now. The lawyer also mentioned that the allegations were found to be false. Lastly, he highlighted that the lawsuit was filed two years after the event occurred.

“The allegations in this complaint are false. We had no idea it was being filed. We will take appropriate action against the lawyers and parties involved. It’s most unfortunate this would be filed two years after the event.”

Greg Norman has been cleared of these allegations as of now. The retired professional golfer is more focused on his work and is looking after the breakaway league trying to finalize the merger agreement between the two Tours.

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Alisha Kotadia

Alisha Kotadia


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