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LIV Golf’s $25 Million Purse Raises Stakes, Yet Major Championship Access Remains A Challenge

Suchita Chakraborty

Greg Norman

Although LIV Golf continues to pump its tournament purses to $25 million, their ticket to the majors remains in jeopardy. Previously, the OWGR backlash heavily impacted LIV golfers, making MVP players like Sergio Garcia ineligible for the PGA Championship. If the OWGR issue isn’t resolved and top-tier golfers continue to defect to LIV, there will eventually be no ‘star-studded fields’ in the majors.

A few days ago, Phil Mickelson outlined a similar issue, which Youtuber Alex Elliott supported in his latest episode of Back 9 Films. Elliott says that the six-time major winner’s past prejudices did come true, which includes Jon Rahm joining LIV. Also, the argument regarding the absence of LIV golfers in the majors and the Ryder Cup in the future making the championships boring, stands legitimized. 

Elliott also referred to a Flushing It post, which further cemented the ongoing bias. The post said that several players from a DP World Tour event with a $2.25 million purse made a trip to Valhalla for the PGA Championship. While LIV’s purses, which were 10x greater representing the biggest golfers of the generation, couldn’t get such an exemption.  

This instance highlights how Greg Norman’s plans should be sidelined and major eligibility must be prioritized. Elliott backed the notion, with further statistics. He asserted how players like Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson, Jon Rahm, and others became eligible for the second major through past records. Only David Puig ended up receiving a special invitation. 

Therefore, these guys would surely give a second thought on contract renewal, since their careers stay uncertain.

“A few of these big players’ contracts that were three, four years old are coming up for renewal and if these guys are falling out of that cycle of being eligible based on world ranking points or previous actual attempts at playing the major, will they think twice about rejoining LIV?” asked Elliott.

The state of uncertainty can only be overcomed through a framework agreement, which has been delayed beyond two deadlines. Hence, Mickelson’s tweet might make sense if a solution is not found. But, why did Mickelson delete his tweet? 

Phil Mickelson deletes his controversial tweet on LIV eligibility 

Phil Mickelson has always been vocal on controversial aspects of the sport. Especially things related to LIV’s position in the golf world. After a T-22 finish at LIV Singapore, Mickelson warned PGA authorities about the future, where more players would join LIV, making the majors boring. That is when the authorities would be plagued with sponsors’ presence.

The text also carried the word “FAAFO”, which implied f**k around and find out. But later, Mickelson had an epiphany of his immodesty and deleted the tweet from social media. Although Mickelson deleted the post, it carried a severe concern related to the future of golf, especially the majors. 

After LIV’s inception, majors were the only events where the best players faced off against each other. If the OWGR setback continues, then no sooner will the top LIV gems be erased from majors’ legacy. Hence, only a framework agreement can serve as a redemption for this chaos. 

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Suchita Chakraborty

Suchita Chakraborty


Suchita Chakraborty is a senior golf writer at The SportsRush. She did her post-graduation at St. Xavier's University. For a year now, she has developed a riveting inclination toward golf, with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy being her top-tier motivational figures to indulge in the sport. She even lives by the words of the Hall of Famer, "You can always become better", which impels her to excel every day. Her strong suit in golf is covering the LPGA Tour, especially the nooks and crannies of the international event, the Solheim Cup. As a pastime amusement, Suchita also engages herself in reading about golf controversies. Her favorite pick is ‘LIV and Let Die’ by Alan Shipnuck, which covers the PGA-LIV beef.

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