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Patrick Reed Breaks Silence on Cheating Allegations and $750 Million Lawsuit

Kunal Singh

Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed‘s legacy as a decorated player on the PGA Tour will always be remembered despite his move to LIV Golf. His career highlights include nine professional title wins, including the 2018 Masters and being part of the 2016 victorious American Ryder Cup team. He is infamously known for filing a defamation lawsuit against some giant media outlets. Although the verdict did not go in his favor, the American is still against the media for portraying players as “villains.” Earlier this month, the American golfer sat down with Dylan Dethier for an interview for He discussed many things from his college life to the cheating allegations and the $750 million lawsuit.

Reed talked about his time at the University of Georgia and the work ethic he followed ever since. He emphasized fighting hard for a place on the college team and solely focusing on getting to the next level. When Dethier asked him how the cheating and stealing thing chased him through his college days, the American said he had no idea about it.

“I have no idea where that stuff came from… I mean, both coaches even have signed statements saying that, no, he’s never stolen or cheated ever. So, I mean, that stuff is to me, BS. I don’t know who or, I mean, because it’s all these unnamed sources… So, it’s one of those that I don’t know why or how or something like that would ever come out, especially when it’s never came out when I was in college.”

The 33-year-old also discussed how he got the nickname “Mr. Monday” early in his career in 2012. Reed revealed winning six out of six qualifiers and players in the locker room being shocked to see him every week.

Later on, Reed talked about the drop controversy in the 2021 US Open. He recalled the “fricking soaking wet” whole week at Torrey Pines. When the ball dropped on the par-4 10th hole, he felt that the ball did not bounce and so did the others to whom he had asked. The American golfer said that the media “hammered” the entire incident claiming that the ball bounced. Despite taking all the measures, he was accused of taking the embedded ball, and the PGA Tour was certainly forced to make him the “villain”.

“I asked the guys in my group, ‘Hey, did y’all see it? Did y’all see it bounce?’ They’re like, ‘No, we didn’t see it bounce.’ I walked up first thing I asked spotter cause obviously a spotter standing right there. Did it bounce? ‘No, it didn’t bounce.’ So whether it bounced or not, it’s irrelevant. That really at the end of the day.”

Patrick Reed recalls earning the reputation of “Villian” followed by a $750 Million lawsuit

In August 2022, the 33-year-old American golfer filed a lawsuit against Golf Channel’s Damon Hack, Shane Bacon, Eamon Lynch, and Golfweek. However, U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan rejected his plea in September 2023. When Dethier asked Reed what forced him to file a defamation case, the golfer revealed being fed up with the media using “freedom of speech” to make him and others ‘villains’.

Reed called it the responsibility of someone to step up and fight against the media. He hoped the media would start doing what they were required to do instead of attacking players.

“Someone needs to make them stop. Someone needs to hold them accountable. They hold us accountable for everything. If I say boo, I’d get fined on tour. If you take an improper drop, even if you do it correctly, the media can attack them as much as they want. We’re held accountable for everything, but the media is not held accountable. I think they can just sit here and hide behind the freedom of speech the whole time…”

Patrick Reed last played at LIV Golf Singapore finishing T14 on the leaderboard. He will most likely miss the 2024 PGA Championship later in May since he does not meet the eligibility criteria. He might focus on another Monday qualifier later this year to qualify for the US Open and the Open Championship.

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