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‘That’s Something That Plays To Our Strengths’ – DP World Tour’s New CEO, Guy Kinnings, Emphasizes Optimism In Unity At His Inaugural Interview

Kunal Singh

DP World Tour CEO Guy Kinnings

Guy Kinnings has succeeded Keith Pelley to become the fifth CEO of the DP World Tour. In his first interview, he expressed his optimism in unity and talked about the strengths of the European Tour. He also spoke about the game transitioning towards becoming more global. He feels that this new demand for the game gives them “a great opportunity” to shape it “in the right way.”

Kinnings has been the Deputy CEO and Ryder Cup Director of the European Tour. After Pelley decided to join Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment in his native country, Canada, Kinnings replaced him to fill his boots, taking up the new role on April 2.

DP World Tour’s New CEO Guy Kinnings Shares His Insights On The Strength Of The Tour

The announcement of Pelley leaving the European Tour and Guy Kinnings replacing him was made earlier this year. However, the Canadian wished to stay three more months to help the PGA Tour and the PIF come to a conclusive deal to unify the game.

On Tuesday, Kinnings addressed the media for the first time as the new CEO of the DP World Tour. He spoke about the sudden shift in mentality about the game of golf to become more global. He added that the European Tour already has a global footprint and they would adhere to their strengths in growing the game of golf.

“I think there’s been a shift in thinking about the game of golf to a more global mindset, and that’s something we really welcome and that’s something that plays to our strengths.” Kinnings added by saying, “We have a global footprint, we have huge global experience – essentially, for 50 years, we’ve been growing relationships around the world and staging events in different countries. I think that allows us a great opportunity to help shape the game in the right way.”

The DP World Tour already has one of the three phases that solely focus on global events. So, what the new CEO Guy Kinnings talked about in his inaugural interview does make sense. Now, it will be interesting to see what impact does the PGA Tour and the PIF merger deal has on the European Tour.

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