Gonzalo Higuain kicks Juventus coach during training for the Champions league

Archungshang Thouman
|Published 17/09/2019

Gonzalo Higuain kicks Juventus coach during training for the Champions league before diverting his anger towards the advertising hoarding.

Gonzalo Higuain is not the calmest person in any room. It was evident during his time with Chelsea and AC Milan. Just in case you forgot how bad his temper was, he has put another master class in a training session with Juventus.

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Juventus seemed to be playing what looks like a game of ‘Donkey in the middle’ with Higuain the donkey pursuing the ball. After what is possibly a long time in the middle chasing the ball, Higuain appeared to be fed up. He angrily aimed a kick at a Juventus coach Marci Ianni after feeling embarrassed.

Gonzalo Higuain kicks Juventus coach during training for the Champions league

After attacking the innocent bystander, Higuain turned his attention towards the advertising board behind him. He planted one kick after the other while the other Juventus players can be seen laughing and cheering an enraged Higuain. Fortunately for the board, Leonardo Bonucci steps in to calm him down.


It is not clear as to what happened that riled him so much. However, outbursts as such are not out of the blue for the Argentine striker.

At AC Milan he put in a tackle on his manager Gennaro Gattuso before moving to Chelsea. A second meltdown soon followed him at the Stamford Bridge when he blew up at David Luiz before the Europa League final against Arsenal.

Juventus’ first match in the Champions League is a tricky trip to the Spanish Capital to face Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Ronaldo has reiterated his desire to win the European Trophy with Juve this season.

A brilliant start on Wednesday will set the tone for a difficult journey to the top of Europe’s elites.

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