How Jose Mourinho helped Bruno Fernandes hit the ground running at Manchester United

Archie Blade
|Published April 10, 2020

How Jose Mourinho helped Bruno Fernandes hit the ground running at Manchester United long after he was sacked from the club.

It’s hard to say if Jose Mourinho’s time at Manchester United was a success or a failure. It was however, an eventful reign that saw the best and worst of the Portuguese manager. A reign that saw United mount a comeback to the Champions League, ended with Old Trafford in flames.

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United have since dropped back to the Europa League and looked destined to stay there until the purchase of Bruno Fernandes in January. The former Sporting midfielder has singlehandedly transformed the side. However, it seems Mourinho may have had a little part in him hitting his stride so quickly.

How Jose Mourinho helped Bruno Fernandes hit the ground running at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has often complained about not getting the players he wanted. However, one of the players that he did want and get was Diogo Dalot. Inadvertently helping Manchester United with Bruno Fernandes.

Mourinho heralded Dalot as one of the best players in his age group then and predicted a bright future for his compatriot.

In the time since however, Dalot’s time at United has been dogged with injuries. This has resulted in him being usurped by Aaron-Wan Bissaka. Regardless, Dalot remains a fantastic personality in the dressing room and Bruno Fernandes has credited the fullback for helping him settle quickly at Manchester United.

“Diogo, of course, was one of the most important players in this period, because he helped me a lot,” Fernandes explained on the United website.

“So, he can speak Portuguese and also talking and everything, but also because he calls me to his home to stay there, to not stay in the hotel alone.

“So, he and his mum and his family helped me a lot, because you can stay in one home with people; with Portuguese people for me it’s easier.

“His mum made dinner for me. The most difficult things are easy in the beginning because Diogo and his mum helped me a lot. So I think Diogo was one of the most important players in the beginning, but all the people helped a lot.”

He added:

“I talk more with Diogo, because Diogo is Portuguese. The language is easier and I know Diogo from a long time. So this is a normal situation.

“But in the pitch is where you see if your team-mates are confident in you or not. For me, this is the most important.”

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