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“I will shoot you in the head”: Romelu Lukaku’s Parting Message To Zlatan Abramovich After The AC Milan Strikes Labels Him As A Donkey

Gautam Kapoor

The Inter Milan striker’s furore was on clear display during the Coppa Italia encounter 

A fixture between Inter Milan and AC Milan needs little to see things turn sour and get players going at each other’s throats. And the same was evident when the two neighbours went at loggerheads on Wednesday in the Coppa Italia.

Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic ended up being involved in an unsavoury and malicious feud, one which saw the two unleash some of the choicest words at each other. And as more details of the squabble have come to light, the severity and seriousness of the fracas has been well documented now.

Lukaku Threatens To Shoot Zlatan In The Head

The two indulged in slandering each other with Zlatan beginning things as he bellowed at Lukaku: “Go do your voodoo s***, you little donkey. Call your mother.”

Romelu Lukaku was miffed by the comments directed his way with the Inter Milan striker losing the plot. Retorting he said, “f*** you and your wife, you little b****’ and ‘you want to speak about my mother!?”

“Well let’s go inside you b*tch! Let’s go inside. Let’s go.”

“He’s speaking about my mother.”

The aftermath of the incident has seen new footage emerge, one which saw Lukaku sending a chilling message to Zlatan as he shouted, “I will shoot you in the head” at the AC Milan striker.

Both the players received yellow cards for their tiff towards the tailend of the first half. They both ended up scoring for their sides as well with Zlatan eventually being given his marching orders for a bereaved tackled on Kolarov.

Lukaku who restored parity for his side after a Zlatan strike gave AC Milan the lead in the first half, ended up winning the clash. Eriksen’s freekick in the 7th minute of added time gave Inter Milan a pivotal 2-1 win on the day.

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