ImpressioN leaves BTRG, citing breach of contract

Ganesh Kamat
|Published 23/09/2020

The 24 year old IGL has stepped from the lineup after he claims BTRG made a breach on his contract.

Anthony “⁠ImpressioN⁠” Lim announced the departure from the team via twitter.

The Singaporean joined BTRG back in Macrh 2019 after a stint with BOOT-d[S].

He has averaged an impressive 1.10 rating during his stint with the org.

ImpressioN who had impressive performances while leading the team as well as taking up managerial duties as well.

This ultimately took up the toll towards him and also stated his individual performance was good and the teams performance was not up to par.

He also stated in his statement that since he was the only link between the org and the team.

He had to work his individual performance as well as manage practice and the team.

But in July the org signed a coach in the form of MYM.

The IGL also said the stress was immense to juggle on workload and his time off the game.

He also spoke about the changes needed to be made but the issues continue to grow.

The essence on the reason of breach of contract wasn’t stated.

ImpressioN ended his story that he hopes to continue his career in CS and he is a free agent.

He hopes to join teams as a player, coach or analyst.

BTRG’s Roster:

 Hyun-Pyo “⁠XigN⁠” Lee
 Kevin “⁠xccurate⁠” Susanto
 Kritthee “⁠Geniuss⁠” Sawatmuang
 Kevin “⁠Eeyore⁠” Gunawan

 Piyangoon “⁠MYM⁠” Kitisin (coach)


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